On Monday, the court of the Ulyanovsk region has sentenced two employees of the regional public state institution of social service “Children’s house-boarding school for mentally retarded children “Rodnik”, who were found guilty of mistreatment of juvenile wards. Sadistic has subjected the child to torture, cauterizing his skin on the buttocks with a hot iron.

38-year-old defendant Tatiana Klyuchnikova Russian Themis sentenced to one year and two months hard labor. A 45-year-old Marina Yakunin received 10 months of community service, reports the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

In addition, the court denied both women the right to hold positions related to work with children for a period of three years.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, Tatiana klyuchnikova has held the position of head of the Department of mercy orphanage for mentally disabled children “Rodnik”, located in the village of Maksimovka. This institution “is to provide social services to children aged four to 18 years with intellectual disabilities, partially or completely lost ability to self-care and in need of constant care”, noted in the Prosecutor’s office.

In the evening of July 1, 2016, a branch of mercy klyuchnikova and instructor work Yakunin, at the same time acting teacher, “brought 12-year-old orphan with red-hot iron injuries in the form of thermal burns”.

Signs of torture in the buttocks of a boy managed to find by chance, as in a boarding school arrived with a scheduled audit by the Prosecutor’s office. The child, who suffers from cerebral palsy, could not report the incident because he was not able to speak. However, the characteristic burns of the first and second degree speak for themselves.

“After the discovery of this fact during public Prosecutor’s check, the child was immediately hospitalized”, – added in Prosecutor’s office.

During interrogations, the suspects did not tell, what exactly “guilty” in front of them a disabled child. They only said that the boy “behaved provocatively”, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. “Looking at him, also began to behave and other children,” added sadistic boarding school.

The criminal case was initiated under article 156 (“Improper execution of duties on education of minors by an employee of the organization providing social services, connected to cruel treatment”), paragraph “C” of part 2 of article 115 (“Deliberate causing of a little harm to health, committed with an object used as a weapon”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

“Yakunin admitted his guilt, but klyuchnikova denied that he was involved in the incident. During the investigation it became known that she was holding the child during the torture,” – said senior assistant Prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region Vasily Winter.

After the scandal with the torture of the child, the Director of the orphanage was dismissed. Another two employees of the institution reprimanded.

GU DD for EPM “Spring” was opened in 1952 and is considered almost a model institution. “This is one of the oldest social institutions of the Ulyanovsk region, for half a century of its existence has developed and stockpiled huge experience in the rehabilitation of children with disabilities,” – said on the website of the institution.

The orphanage receives children with disabilities with a diagnosis of “moderate, profound and severe mental retardation”, “cerebral palsy”. There bring the kids, who “are forever chained to a bed.”

“A lot of guys who have never seen their parents, had never known maternal love, affection, care, saw the staff of the orphanage mom and dad, stretched out his hands to them,” – says the administration of the orphanage.

Children are actively involved in religious activities. “For more than 10 years in the orphanage there is a prayer room in honor of the presentation of the blessed virgin. For children conducts the service, the priest Nicholas of the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin,” reads the website.

The orphanage also has an impressive fleet of vehicles, which was a place and agricultural machinery. On balance you have a combine, a backhoe, and five tractors.

In 2009, the pupil of children’s home “Spring” was the winner of the World winter special Olympics in Boise (Idaho, USA), winning two silver medals in the heavy category at distances of 50 m and 100 m. a year Later the pupils participated in the European summer games of special Olympics held in Warsaw (Poland). Then the children performed in tournaments in table tennis and athletics.

The employee of the Ulyanovsk boarding school for children with disabilities, priehavshie buttocks of the boy’s irons, was sentenced to correctional labor 15.11.2016

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