On 26 October, the world court of the Central district of Kaliningrad will hold hearings on the criminal case under the statement of local resident Mr Lebedev, who accuses the Deputy head of the city Alexander Zuev in his beating. The official says it was to calm the raging townspeople rushing at people with a pitchfork, the website “New Kaliningrad”.

In the resolution on the appointment of the hearing says October 13, the materials of the case on p. 1. article 115 (“Deliberate causing of a little harm to health”) the criminal code was considered by the world judge of the 6th judicial district of the above-mentioned district, the defendant is familiar with the case, no measure of restraint against him have not been elected and the reconciliation of the parties is not reached.

Version Lebedeva, March 4, Zuev, head of the Committee of municipal property and land resources, during the dismantling illegally installed a fence on the land on the Avenue of Victory caused him minor injuries.

According to Zueva, all charges Lebedev are slander, subject to the relevant criminal charges. According to the official, the day he, being “in the performance of official duties, their actions stopped the aggressive actions of the tenant, who rushed to the people with pitchforks”, and through these actions, previously convicted Lebedev didn’t kill anyone.

“No actually strikes, attacks on my part was not, – he said to journalists. – This can be confirmed and the representatives of two TV companies, the police, and was transferred to the citizen without any shock and physical violence. Otherwise I would be arrested. There were two contractor organizations, gasman, carrying out work – in General, a lot of people that can confirm that both before and after a conversation with Lebedev, he was alive, healthy, no bruises, hematomas, absolutely quietly moved”.

Previously, the portal wrotethat the day for the execution of the order of the city administration to demolish unauthorized construction on the Avenue of Victory, owned by the Lebedev family, had to involve the police. Officials and authorized organization “Hydraulics” could begin to dismantle the fence, which prevented the laying of the pipeline, because of the actions of the son of the proprietress of the house N242 this Avenue Evgeny Lebedev, who insisted that the city administration has no right to demolish the property of his family, and tried to prevent it.

Present Zuyev said the situation is a vivid example of how the actions of individual citizens prevent to develop to a certain part of the city. “The owners of these buildings, farm building refused to comply with the requirements, – said the Deputy head of the city. – For two months they were warned over a month they gave notice. They have done nothing. Therefore, the administration, we have now the authority, all the law, to deal with such citizens.”

The enterprise tries to sue for assault of Deputy mayor, which assures that only tried to calm the man with a pitchfork 25.10.2016

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