The European court of General jurisdiction (European court) in Luxembourg admitted the illegal sanctions imposed against the Russian businessman Arkady Rotenberg for the period from 2014 to 1015 years, and cancelled them, but the subsequent sanctions confirmed and left the European assets of billionaire under arrest, the press release published on the website of the court.

“Today’s decision, the Tribunal has partially approved the claim of Mr. Rothenberg cancellation (sanctions). He annulled the restrictive measures in force from 31 July 2014 to 14 March 2015, but confirmed them for the period from March 15, 2015 September 15, 2016,” – said in a statement.

The court held that the sanctions imposed in 2014, was not justified. The court found that “the reference to the proximity of the country to the Russian politicians “decisions” about accession of the Crimea, which the EU called annexation, no further details “is too vague and insufficient to justify restrictive measures.”

The contracts, which Rothenberg had the advantage belonged to an earlier period, when the Russian officials responsible for the crisis in Ukraine, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, have not yet begun to threaten Ukraine.

The Tribunal considered unproven, that Putin provided patronage Rothenberg at the time, when he took measures against Ukraine, also failed to prove that Rothenberg himself was a shareholder or holder of a controlling stake in the company “Giprotransmost”, won the tender for designing and preparing the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait.

As for the period of 2015, Rothenberg does not deny that he is the owner of the company “stroygazmontazh”, which received the government contract for the construction of the bridge, which undermines the territorial integrity of Ukraine, therefore, the assets of the businessman in Europe will remain frozen.

In the court decision on compensation for canceled sanctions are not mentioned. The defense may appeal the verdict within two months at the European court of justice – the highest court of the EU.

The decision of the Tribunal commented on in the Kremlin. According to the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin glad that Rothenberg was able to defend their rights, but added that sanctions against Rotenberg “and several other individuals were illegally introduced” initially, reports RIA “Novosti”. Rotenberg “defended their rights”, said Peskov.

Arkady Rotenberg was included in the sanctions list in July 2014, after the annexation of Crimea to Russia. The reason was his old acquaintance with President Vladimir Putin and the contract for the construction of the Kerch bridge. Rothenberg was denied entry to the EU, and its assets in Europe are under arrest.

In October 2014, Rotenberg contested sanctions, saying that they violated his right to private property, and asked asked to cancel the decision and to make amends. “After analyzing the situation, we see that the EU is increasingly cites sources on the Internet. Plus have written some company (“Giprotransmost”. – Approx., to which I did nothing to have,” complained the businessman.

Sanctions against Rotenberg has led to the arrest of his property in Italy of 30 million euros. In addition, the Bank Nordea has stopped servicing the Finnish company accounts Longvic Capital, controlled by Rotenberg.

Contractor for the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait is LLC “SGM”. The final cost of construction will be 227,9 billion. This amount was approved the additional agreement to the contract that was signed by the construction customer – PKU “uprdor “Taman” Federal road Agency” and Rothenberg.

The European court has removed from Rothenberg’s early sanctions, but did not release his assets 30.11.2016

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