The EU Council expanded the list of persons who fall under EU sanctions against the Syrian regime. This time he has grown to 17 Ministers and the Governor of the Central Bank of Syria. Now the sanctions are for the 234 people banned from entering the EU and whose assets in the EU frozen.

In a statement released by the Brussels communiqué States that the decision was made in connection with their responsibility “for the violent repression against the civilian population in Syria, taking advantage of support and communication with his representatives.” The paper noted that this decision was made based on the conclusions of the European Council of 17 October and the European Council on 20-21 October.

In late October, the EU imposed sanctions against 10 individuals with ties to the Syrian government. “The Council has added 10 employees in the list of persons associated with the Syrian regime, against whom the EU imposed restrictive measures for acts of violence against the civilian population in Syria”, – said the EU Council.

EU sanctions against the Syrian government include a ban on oil trade, restrictions on investment, freezing in the EU assets of the Central Bank of Syria, an embargo on trade in dual-use technologies and equipment to block telephone and Internet communications. In addition, 70 legal entities in Syria on the black list of the EU.

U.S. 3 Oct announced the suspension of talks with Russia on Syria. Washington accused Moscow of violating the commitments given by it in the framework of the armistice agreement of 12 September. The United States believes that Russia was unable to force the Assad regime to cooperate in the peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Instead, according to the American side, Russia has chosen the military path. In particular, the US impose on Russia responsible for the shelling of a humanitarian convoy of the UN on 19 September and the deterioration of the situation in Aleppo. The Russian side is categorically rejects the allegations. In addition, Russia blames the U.S. failure to commit to the disassociation from the Syrian opposition terrorists.

The European Union expanded sanctions against the entourage of Bashar al-Assad 15.11.2016

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