EU Commissioner for digital economy and society günther Oettinger said that the EU will not give Turkey a visa-free regime this year after a failed attempt of a military coup in the country, reports Reuters.

According to Ettinger, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan must meet the conditions set by the European Union. In particular, the country must establish the rule of law. “We do currently not see” – said the politician.

He also stressed that the state “should not thousands to get rid of unwanted judges.” “The independence of the judiciary is a key element,” added the Commissioner.

Separately Oettinger said Erdogan’s statement about the possible return of the death penalty made by the President after the suppression of the rebellion. “The death penalty is inconsistent with our practices and our agreements. No country can become a EU member, if it acts a form of punishment,” – concluded the politician.

Earlier it was expected that a visa-free regime between Turkey and the EU could be introduced from 1 July 2016. In March this year Turkey and the EU have concluded a migration agreement and have agreed, subject to certain conditions, Ankara can count on the abolition of the visa regime and resumption of consideration of its application for membership in the unit, filed in 1987.

Ankara, in particular, agreed to accept illegal migrants who infiltrated into Europe, in exchange for legitimate refugees. In return, Turkey promised additional funding in the amount of EUR 3 billion and the resumption of negotiations on accession to the European Union. The EU is thus expected to reduce the volume of migration flows to Europe, which goes through Turkey and the Aegean sea in Greece.

In April, the Turkish government has threatened the EU’s failure to carry out obligations under the agreement on illegal migrants, if Brussels did not keep his promise and will introduce this year a visa-free regime for Turkish citizens. However, the process of visa liberalization has been frozen at the initiative of the European Union, which demands from Turkey the fulfillment of all 72 conditions for the abolition of visas. Of these five requirements remain unfulfilled, in particular the reform of anti-terrorism legislation, which Turkey is not going to change.

Erdogan said that “the actions which the EU carries out in respect of Turkey, are Islamophobic“. “That’s why they don’t want to accept us into their ranks. If the European Union will continue its line of impermanence, it in the near future is inevitable with other “outs” like the UK”, – said the President of Turkey.

The European Union has eliminated visa requirements for Turkey this year after the military uprising 19.07.2016

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