The investigative bodies of the Pskov region continue investigation of criminal case about infringement on life of a police officer in the village of Strugi-Krasnyye and establish circumstances of death of 15-year-old boys and girls, started a fire. This is stated on the website of the regional investigative Department of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

As reported in Department, the examination clearly confirmed that the fighters who conducted the assault on the house, where dwelt the students, did not shoot at children. Earlier it was reported that the Teens by the time the assault was dead.

Victims will be assigned a posthumous psihologo-psychiatric judicial examination, have informed in SK. According to the investigation, Pskov students Denis Ants and Ekaterina Vlasova, having escaped from the parents, three days hiding in a private home owned by the stepfather of the girl. Cracking a safe with a weapon, 14 November, they fired a gun a police car. After the storming of the house by soldiers of Regardie it was announced that the teenagers died from gunshot wounds. According to the investigators, Denis killed girlfriend and then shot himself. The live broadcast took place the children with them were in the Periscope.

As noted in the UK, post-mortem examination will be conducted by the specialists of the State scientific center of social and forensic psychiatry im. V. P. Serbsky. For this examination it is necessary to obtain data from other medical forensic examinations, to analyze the correspondence of adolescents in social networks and other materials that can characterize their identity, the report said.

Questioned Vice-Governor, school officials and police

Investigators still are working out different versions of the tragedy, including a possible double suicide or murder by one teenager of another followed by suicide. Earlier, on the fact of the tragedy in Strugi Krasnie a criminal case was initiated under article 317 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Encroachment on life of law enforcement officer”).

In the message of SK it is said that, in particular, in the framework of the testing version of incitement of children to suicide examines the psychological climate and relationships in their families, correspondence in social networks, including the day of the accident. Investigators checked, was killed in the so-called groups of death.

Seized and examined the computers of teenagers. “The correspondence of one of them in the social network, which was created on paper, more than a thousand sheets. Total seized in the course of inspections of places of incidents the evidence assigned about fifty forensic and medical forensic examinations”, – reported in Department.

In addition, we study the actions (inaction) of bodies of system of prevention in a subject they had taken in relation to adolescents measures. The actions of the employees will be given “principled legal assessment”. Questioned by the heads of regional and city departments of education, the Director of the school, where I studied Teens, their classmates and teachers.

Vice-Governor of the region Vera Yemelyanova interrogated concerning the organization of work on prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency in the Pskov region and about measures on realization of state policy in the sphere of protection of children from information harmful to their health.

SK checks and the actions of police, questioned for around 50 employees who sought adolescent in Pskov and ensure the safety of people while they make shooting in the village of Strugi-Krasnyye.

Fighters didn’t shoot Teens

The law enforcement officers seized the weapon that was with them the day of the tragedy. The results of the ballistic tests clearly indicate that it is in the case of minors was not applied, is spoken in the message of SK.

The investigation has preliminary results of clinical studies, according to which victims “received fatal injuries when fired at close range from the smooth-bore hunting weapons”. It was reported earlier that the regional Prosecutor’s office upheld the actions of the SWAT unit of the Department of Regardie in the Pskov region.

We study the question of the responsibility of the owner of the weapon found by teenagers in a safe, careless storage, said the Agency.

The criminal case was already 12 volumes, but the investigation is still in the active stage, planned a number of activities, the expected results of examinations.

Note that the incident caused a wide resonance. Members of the public talked about as the fact that children are driven to suicide, and that law enforcement officers acted in day of storm wrong, because not attracted to negotiate with adolescents, psychologists and school staff. In addition, there were suspicions that the children could have been killed during the assault.

On Thursday it became known that the Deputy of the Pskov regional Assembly Lev Shlosberg, previously expressed outrage that teenagers nobody has been able to provide adequate psychological assistance, asked the Investigative Committee to find out whether there has been the tragedy of incitement to suicide. He also asked to check the actions of the public Prosecutor of Pskov region in place of the resonant incident.

The examination confirmed that the fighters didn’t shoot the victims at Pskov Teens 25.11.2016

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