The expert Council of the Higher attestation Commission (VAK) on the history by majority of votes supported the statement “Discerneth” on the removal of the Minister of culture, Vladimir Medinsky, the degree of doctor of historical Sciences, contrary to the conclusion of the Belgorod Council. This was reported on page in Facebook expert “Discerneth” Ivan Babitsky.

“The decision was announced in my presence, also at the meeting were representatives of the Medina – soft, Averyanov and Chernyakhovsky,” said Babitsky. This refers to the doctor of historical Sciences Konstantin Averyanov, doctor of historical Sciences, Advisor to the Minister, the scientific Director of the Russian military historical society Mikhail Myagkov and a member of the Academy of political Sciences Sergey Chernyakhovsky.

Sergei Parkhomenko: “the Community of Russian historians managed to put in place the ignorant and impudent impostor”

The Presidium of the HAC to discuss the issue in October 20

The decision must be approved by the Presidium of the HAC and the Ministry of education and science. Meeting of the Presidium of HAC on this topic is scheduled for October 20, reports “Interfax” with reference to its source. Press Secretary of the head of the HAC Valeria Antonova called the TASS of the same date of the meeting.

Co-founder of “Discerneth” Andrew zayakin said that “theoretically, the Presidium of the HAC may not agree with the recommendation of the expert Council of VAK, but in practice this was not.”

“The Presidium of the HAC may not agree with the recommendation of the expert Council of VAK, only if you kicked out all reasonable and honest people, and the rest intimidated. That is to say that Medina will eventually be deprived of extent,” he added (quoted by “Novaya Gazeta”).

Babitsky said in the comments “Mediazone”that “a decision not in conformity with the decision of the expert Council is an unprecedented thing.” One of the co-founders of “Discerneth” Kirill Mikhailov noted that Medina is “can arrange”, but “it will be a scandal.”

“The ancient Indians were good literary epithet – “mindful of the debt of the noble” (satam dharmam anusmaran). Today it is about the expert Council the higher attestation Commission. Not everything we have is rotten, no matter how desirable to the powers that be to believe otherwise,” – said the expert, “Discerneth”.

According to the existing procedure on granting and deprivation of academic degrees, the order of discussion is this: first, they consider
dissertation Council, then the case is sent to the expert Council of VAK,
where is the statement give the experts in the relevant field of science, and after
the final verdict remains with the Presidium of the HAC. The decision of the HAC already
sent to the Ministry of education, where the decree on the awarding or withholding of
the degree is signed by the Minister or the Deputy Minister.

Protector and Advisor Medinsky, Mikhail Myagkov: “there is No tragedy in this”

“There is no tragedy in this, it was an expected decision,” said Myagkov, who was present at the meeting of the expert Council WAC, the Agency TASS.

According to him, the Advisory Council was guided by political considerations. “There (in the Council – approx. TASS), of course, for the reasons not related to science, and, I think, political purposes ignored the decision of the MSU in order to keep the degree of doctor of historical Sciences, then, Belgorod University, who also decided to leave the degree of”, – he said.

Myagkov stressed that “the expert Council of VAK takes no action, it makes a recommendation”. “Everything will be decided now on the Presidium of the HAC meeting in the near future,” he added.

Myagkov wrote, in particular, in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” on 4 July: “People who today are denied the right Vladimir Medinsky, and many other historians, to describe the events, proceeding from national interests of the country, very similar to those who refused to historians of the Soviet period the right to have an opinion on the historical process. It is impossible to ban look at its history as the history of the country that gave birth to thieves and murderers, and prominent builders and warriors-winners. The country, which has experienced tragic times, but was always reborn out of chaos, lived, worked, and done”.

In early July, a dissertation Council on the history of the Belgorod state University July 7, considered a controversial doctoral dissertation of the Minister of culture and found no formal irregularities in receipt of an academic degree, and also confirmed the scientific value of this work.

After promulgation of the conclusion of the academic Council of Medina thanked him “for an honest and objective review of the thesis”.

In April 2016, historians Vyacheslav Kozlyakov and Konstantin erusalimsky together with Babitsky had applied for deprivation of the Medina doctoral degree. In their opinion, the doctoral dissertation of the Minister “Problems of objectivity in the coverage of Russian history in the second half of the XV-XVII centuries” and unscientific “in places absurd,” and the text “is full of gross mistakes.”

In addition, the applicants noted that Medina was included in the list of publications non-existent work and published in journals related to his scientific Advisor. The WAC then launched the procedure for the examination of the dissertation of the case.

Medina doctoral dissertation defended in 2011 at the Russian state social University (RSSU), but later the academic Council of the University was dissolved, so the question about the safety degree was moved to Ural Federal University. Subsequently, the HAC was requested to examine the thesis of the Minister of the academic Council of the history Department of Moscow state University.

The expert Council WAC supported the statement made by Medina on deprivation of a scientific degree of the doctor of historical Sciences 02.10.2017

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