On the anniversary of the deaths of 298 passengers of Malaysian Boeing 777 (MH17) over Ukraine supporters of the guilt of the Russian and Ukrainian sides have stepped up efforts to strengthen their positions. Thus in the absence of new data they have to use has long been made public – in particular, the final report on the results of the technical investigation of the security Council of the Netherlands (DSB), published 22 October 2015.

In particular, the supporter of the version of guilt of the Russian ex-designer of OKB “Dry”, aviaekspert Vadim Lukashevich in an article for Forbes drew attention to the fact that, based on the text of the DSB report, Russia in less than a day before the tragedy imposed restrictions on civil flights in the area of responsibility of Rostov zonal center unified system of air traffic organization, releasing the appropriate NOTAM (eng. Notice To Airmen quickly distribute announcements about changes in the rules and ensure the safety and aeronautical information).

According to this document, which entered into force with 00 hours on 17 July 2014, limited air traffic up to an altitude of 16 km (up to tier FL530). The author notes that it is “comparable to the maximum height of the destruction of anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk” (about 18 kilometers)”. “And after 17 hours and 20 minutes over neighboring Russian territory of Ukraine a Buk missile system shoots down Malaysian “Boeing” passengers,” writes Aviaexport.

He also notes that in Russia the restrictions explained the fighting in neighboring Ukraine, as well as considerations of “safety”.

Paying increased attention to the restrictions imposed by Russia, Lukashevich briefly notes that even earlier – July 14, 2014 – similar measures adopted and Ukraine. According to the NOTAMs issued by the Ukrainian side, the minimum flight altitude transit of civil courts over the area of the ATO was limited to tier FL320 (9754 metres) – that is, less than in the Russian NOTAM. While on the preventive introduction of this restriction in the report of the Dutch said that “the reason for this change remains unclear”.

Meanwhile, Director General of the international consultative-analytical Agency “Safety of flights”, a member of the world Fund of safety of flights (FSF) Sergey Melnichenko noted that the Ukrainian NOTAM was issued “because the day before, on July 14, militiamen of the breakaway Lugansk people’s Republic (LPR) have shot down a military transport plane An-26 Ukrainian air force, flying at a height of 6.4 kilometers”.

Melnichenko also convinced that this measure was clearly insufficient. Boeing flying flight MH17, was shot down at altitude of 10 kilometers (33 feet) – that is the commander of this vessel has fully complied with the orders of the Ukrainian NOTAM. But it did not save him. The airliner with 298 people on Board was another aircraft shot down over this territory. Only then, literally three hours later – Ukraine has closed its airspace for civil courts over the Donbass, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Experts point to different heights contained in NOTAM

How was given a warning, Melnichenko and many other specialists in safety also raises many questions. Common on the eve of the tragedy, the NOTAM notification was made so that to understand its essence the commander of the aircraft was simply not able to which, in particular, drew attention in his blog, a specialist in aviation security, a former pilot and air traffic controller mark Zy.

Though actually the text of the NOTAM contained a detailed listing of the coordinates of the place in which pilots should adhere to the maximum height. In addition, it somehow was given not one, but two height values below which fall not followed the trains 260 (7.9 km) and 320 (9.75 kilometers).

Note that the report of the Dutch on the imperfection of the Ukrainian NOTAM does not say. But it is evidence for the presence of contradictory information in the Russian NOTAM.

“(Russian) NOTAM are actually introduced the same height restrictions that the Ukrainian NOTAM (FL320). However, at the end (of the second Russian NOTAM) NOTAM UUUUV6158/14 it was said that it applies to the airspace up to the level of FL530. In other words, this specific NOTAM contained two different heights”, says the report of the DSB. It also noted that Russia did not comment on the ban at the height of FL530.

Note that the article Lukashevich said the following: “Ukraine is not closed airspace above the conflict zone. Why did Russia less than a day before the tragedy?” From this we can conclude that the Russian Federation imposed restrictions on flying directly over the conflict zone – that is, over the territory of Ukraine, which is not true.

Yet the record of the Dutch is clearly written: “the Russian NOTAM was sent to Rostov flight information region (FIR or FIR from the English Flight Information Region), that is Russian airspace, not flying over the Eastern part of Ukraine.”

It is also noted that the Russian FIR is the area, which borders the Dnipropetrovsk region in Eastern Ukraine. Thus, the limitation imposed by the Russian Federation, extended to the Russian airspace.

The disaster Malaysian Boeing

Recall, Boeing 777 “Malaysian airlines” flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in the Donetsk region of Ukraine on 17 July 2014. The victims of the crash were all 283 passengers and 15 crew members.

International investigative group and security Council of the Netherlands came to the conclusionthat the plane was shot down by Russian missile system “Buk” from the territory controlled by Pro-Russian separatists. The investigators also found that fire setting was taken to Donbass from Russia and later returned to the territory of Russia.

Russia and its involvement in the sinking of the liner categorically denies. The Russian foreign Ministry called the findings of the investigation team is biased and politically motivated.

The Department also indicated to the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Moscow, Regina Jones-BOS component on the fault of Ukraine to the incident. In the opinion of the foreign Ministry, one of the main reasons was the state of emergency of Ukraine closed the airspace over the territory over which he was shot down “Boeing”.

The expert found signs of guilt of Russia in the MH17 tragedy, studying the report of the Dutch experts 17.07.2017

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