The Prosecutor’s office of the Voronezh region has achieved excitation of criminal case upon fraud, and damage in the tens of millions of rubles. According to the preliminary version, at the hands of speculators affected relatives shot to death at the resort in Central America of the Russian. They were obliged to pay a huge amount for ious, which later found signs of tampering.

October 19, 2016 the staff of the investigative Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs opened a criminal case under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud in especially large size”), according to the official website of the Prosecutor’s office of the Voronezh region. It provides for punishment of 10 years imprisonment.

The victims in this case are the widow of businessman Vladimir Grigorenko Irina Korobova and his son Igor. Vladimir himself in December 2013, was shot dead in the hotel located in the resort area in the district of Jaca Costa Rica, on the Pacific ocean. Solve this murder failed so far. It is known that Vladimir went to Costa Rica to visit his son, Igor, engaged at that time in the tourism business in this Latin American country.

After the death of the Russian citizen Irina Korobova and Igor Grigorenko got an inheritance – a total of more than 100 million rubles.

However, after a year and a half relatives of the deceased had to part with the money for the decision of Anninskiy district court of the Voronezh region. There appealed a Russian citizen by the name of Cossacks, writes “Kommersant”. He brought to the court a loan agreement and a receipt from March 2012, allegedly composed by Vladimir Grigorenko and registered in Minsk Evgeny Novoseletsky. From these documents it followed that a Russian businessman owes to the citizen of Belarus 100 million rubles.

Along with the contract provided the Cossacks of the Russian Themis the agreement on the assignment of the debt he signed Novoseletsky. Having considered all these papers, the judge Victor Ilinskiy 1 July 2015 has satisfied the claim about collecting of the debt from the relatives of Vladimir Grigorenko. The judge relied on the conclusion of the Voronezh centre of forensic science, which recognized the authenticity of the signatures Grigorenko Sr. under the loan agreement.

In August 2016, the property Irina Korobov was seized, and the money debited from the account, informs “Time of Voronezh”. But the woman strongly disagreed with the court decision. Her sudden appearance of the creditor, of which she knew nothing, seemed suspicious.

Korobov tried to appeal the decision of regional court in higher instances, as well as written statements on the fact of forgery of the signatures of the husband to the police, the RF IC and even in the presidential administration. In the courts the widow of the businessman, lost, and law enforcement, she repeatedly sent the refusals to Institute criminal proceedings.

Then Irina Korobov appealed to the Prosecutor. In supervising Department have found out that the police examination, unlike the court, has compared the signature of Vladimir Grigorenko on the loan agreement and, for example, on his passport. In the end, the experts came to the conclusion that the signatures were put by different people.

Lawyers involved in the proceedings on the side of Irina Korobov, explained this difference of opinion among experts that the handwriting experts of the centre of forensic science, worked with fraudulent material. Signature of Vladimir Grigorenko for comparison, they allegedly gave the Complainant Kazakova.

The Prosecutor Anninsky area Alexander Bykanov considered obvious signs of fraud in especially large size, and therefore insisted on excitation of criminal case against “unidentified persons”.

The family of the Russian businessman, who was killed in a hotel in Costa Rica, was disinherited by 100 million roubles due to a fake receipts 24.10.2016

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