The famous “Afghan girl” Sharbat Gula on the cover of the magazine National Geograohic 1985 he was arrested by Pakistani Federal investigation Agency in Peshawar on charges of using fake documents. She can be deported from the country along with two men, in which the documents are sons.

According to the newspaper Dawn, the Rumble was arrested in his house, she seized the Pakistani and Afghan identity cards. Currently, Federal agents are searching for three employees of the National office databases and registrations that participated in the Scam with documents. The famous Afghan woman faces 7 to 14 years in prison and a fine from 3000 to 5000 dollars, if the court finds her guilty of fraud.

The sources close to the investigation claim that the relatives of Sharbat Gula didn’t identify the two men who last year received the documents as her sons. Officials found that in fact afganci two daughters and two year old son.

The media called Sharbat Gula “the Mona Lisa of Afghan war”. Her face became known worldwide after National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry took a picture of her in the refugee camp Nasir Bagh, located on the outskirts of Peshawar. And June 1985, when the photo appeared on the cover of a magazine, she was 12 years old. National Geographic also filmed a documentary about her movie called “Mona Lisa of Afghan war”.

In 2002, McCurry again found the heroine of his story and got the family permission for a new recording. The photographer admitted that her eyes remained the same piercing.

Wednesday, October 26, Stowmarket wrote in Instagramthat his sources in Peshawar told him about the arrest of the Drones. “We are doing everything possible to obtain the data by contacting our colleagues and friends in this area.I intend to do everything possible to provide legal support for her and her family. I protest against such actions of the authorities in the strongest possible terms. She suffered throughout her life and her arrest is a flagrant violation of human rights”, – said the photographer.

Pakistan is suffering from the influx of Afghan refugees for more than three decades. The UN has declared the crisis the most protracted in the world. According to some estimates, live in Pakistan, nearly three million Afghan refugees, half of them illegals. Since 2009, Islamabad has repeatedly pushed back the deadline for the return, but there are fears that the latest deferral date to March 2017, will not be final.

Two hours ago, I got word from a friend in Peshawar, Pakistan, that Sharbat Gula has been arrested. We are doing everything we can to get the facts by contacting our colleagues and friends in the area. I am committed to doing anything and everything possible to provide legal and financial support for her and her family. I object to this action by the authorities in the strongest possible terms. She has suffered throughout her entire life, and her arrest is an egregious violation of her human rights. – Steve McCurry

The famous “Afghan girl” cover of National Geograohic arrested in Pakistan with fake passport 26.10.2016

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