The Federal Bureau of investigation U.S. (FBI) has unexpectedly published the materials of the investigation case against former President bill Clinton. We are talking about the investigation on the decision of former head of state to pardon the Glencore founder Marc rich. The materials posted on the website of the FBI.

The businessman was accused of tax evasion and illegal deals with Iran. In 1983 he was hiding from the investigation, he fled to Switzerland. In fact, the pardon of rich was organized by the Clinton investigation, the FBI suggested that the President’s actions could be illegal. In particular, it was reported that the daughter of the rich contributed more than $ 1 million of the US Democratic party. The investigation led the Prosecutor, James Comey, who currently holds the post of Director of the FBI.

The case eventually was closed in 2005 in connection with absence of structure of a crime. On the FBI website published 129 pages of documents relating to this investigation, reports the BBC.

Bill Clinton takes an active part in the election
the campaign of his wife, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, claiming the highest position in our country. Elections will be held on 8 November.

Earlier, the FBI began a new investigation into the scandal involving the use of
Hillary Clinton’s personal email in official correspondence.

The FBI has released materials of the investigation into bill Clinton 2001 02.11.2016

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