The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), the United States decided to reopen the investigation of the leak of the official correspondence of former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who is currently running for President from the Democratic party, reports Reuters.

According to the Director of the FBI James Komi, in the case of new material, and now the Bureau have to perform an additional array of official letters to Clinton, which she sent to their personal mailbox. As explained by the Minister, it is unclear how important the materials they contain and how long will it take the investigation.

Information about the resumption of the investigation directly linked to the activities of Clinton, was confirmed by a member of Congress Jason Chavetz. On his page on Twitter he said that the discovery of new letters he personally informed the FBI Director.

The NBC reporter Frank Thorpe, in turn, the social network has published a paper on the reopening of the investigation into Clinton. It also reports that the FBI learned of the existence of the letters to Clinton, which may be important for the investigation of the case.

Meanwhile, the news of the resumption of the investigation have responded the opponent is Clinton, the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, the billionaire Donald trump, reports CNN.

“I really respect the fact that the FBI and the U.S. justice Department are willing and have the courage to right a terrible wrong that they did,” he said during his speech to voters in Manchester (new Hampshire).

According to trump, the decision not to punish Clinton was unlawful, and that “the American people understood that.” “And one hopes that it will be fixed”, – said the billionaire. The audience at his speech responded positively to these words, say the journalists of the TV channel.

In mid-October, U.S. media reported on the conspiracy in favor of Hillary Clinton during the investigation, the FBI data on the use of her private server for e-mail while working with U.S. Secretary of state. Sources Fox News say that the report with these conclusions was presented to the American Congress.

The FBI report indicates the collusion of high-ranking state Department official with the Bureau agents during the investigation into Clinton. The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party had previously admitted that the led official and private correspondence via your own private server. She, however, insisted that passed on secret data.

About the contents of the report told Fox News a Republican Congressman from Utah Jason Chaffetz familiar with the documents. He argues that the FBI report refers to “exchange at a counter-service”, which involved the under Secretary of state Patrick Kennedy, FBI. According to him, at least in one case, discussed the “changing classification of a document in exchange for the possibility of more positions for the FBI in missions abroad.” According to the channel, Kennedy tried to get the assignment speccode to hide certain letters from congressmen.

In early September, the FBI has published the transcripts of Hillary Clinton, which was previously questioned in the case of using a personal server for e-mail during her tenure as foreign Minister of the country.

A retelling of the interrogation, which took place in July of this year, is 11 pages. While some of the information in it is hidden. The text says that, according to most Clinton, she can’t remember the official instructions for the handling of classified information. Such a statement, the FBI explained that in 2012, former U.S. Secretary of state suffered a concussion of the brain, which could affect her memory.

In addition, during the questioning, Clinton confirmed that she was aware of the fact that as Secretary of state she must classify certain information, but said he did not remember how to determine the secrecy.

“The FBI found that hostile foreign forces have successfully gained access to the personal accounts of electronic mail of the persons with whom Clinton were in regular contact, and thus received e-mails sent or received Clinton on her private address”, – stated in the document released by the FBI.

On August 23 it became known that the FBI found 14 900 e-mails from mail former Secretary of state and presidential candidate of the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, was handed over to the authorities.

We are talking about official correspondence, that Clinton led, using personal mail server, during the tenure of foreign Minister. Earlier, authorities had been referred almost 30 thousand of these letters, and former Secretary of state claimed to provide all work correspondence.

On 5 July it was reported that the FBI, having studied the correspondence and the personal server Clinton, found no grounds for criminal proceedings against her. Former Secretary of state insists that he never received or sent any materials that had the stamp “secret”, on my personal server, when I worked as a Secretary.

The scandal surrounding the correspondence Clinton erupted after it became known that, occupying the post of the head of the diplomatic corps from 2009-2013, she sent emails from a personal email, not the government, as required by the instruction. It was also reported that correspondence Clinton were made public by a hacker under the name Guccifer.

During the investigation, Hillary Clinton gave his correspondence to the custody of the state Department, which the court needs to publish it, except for the secret data.

The state Department initially claimed that the use of the private box is not prohibited by the instructions and that message Clinton did not contain classified information. However, the FBI came to the conclusion that in the email, Clinton kept 2200 letters marked “secret”, as well as 22 communications classified as “top secret”.

The FBI resumed its investigation into the use of Clinton personal server for official correspondence 29.10.2016

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