U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said that he was not notified of the resumption of the investigation in the case of official business correspondence of his predecessor, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, reports TASS.

“No, I don’t know what was said, and nothing was requested. And I don’t know, have there been any requests to the state Department. I have no other comments on this issue, which is the responsibility of the Ministry of justice and the FBI,” said Kerry.

Recall that Clinton, as Secretary of state, conducted official correspondence, using personal mail server. Authorities were handed almost 30 thousand of these letters. In early July it became known that the FBI, having studied the correspondence and the server Clinton, found no grounds for initiation of criminal proceedings against her. Some American media soon after reported the collusion of high-ranking state Department official with the FBI.

On Friday, however, FBI Director James Comey announced that in the correspondence of Clinton, new materials, and now the bureaus have to perform additional array of its official letters. However, he noted that it is unclear, the important materials they contain, and how long will it take the investigation.

The newspaper the New York Times, in turn, found that the investigation was reopened after the FBI discovered emails concerning assistant Clinton – Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner. What messages is it is not yet clear.

Clinton herself is extremely sharply reacted to the resumption of the investigation. The presidential candidate called the decision “not just strange” and “unprecedented” because it was a few days before the election the Director of the FBI without any explanation.

The FBI told the state Department on the resumption of the investigation by correspondence Clinton 31.10.2016

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