The Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) opposition leader Alexei Navalny said the disclosure of the cartel, created by the St. Petersburg restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozhin, who the media called Putin’s personal chef. Through him, according to the FCO, the businessman mastered 23 billion rubles from the funds of the orders in collusion with officials of the Ministry of defense. The Fund believes that it is the biggest cartel frauds which came to trial in Federal Antimonopoly service.

According to FBK, on Monday, may 22, the FAS shall make a decision on the cartel. “Unfortunately, it is likely that the FAS will be frightened, will merge and will greatly soften the decision, noted in the Fund. – …How it comes to people close to Putin, from minimal fines or it all goes down on brakes”.

In the disclosure of the cartel was a lawyer of FBK Love Sable. In the Fund assumethat an attack on her husband in Moscow in November 2016 costs Prigogine.

The FCO was able to find evidence that companies that participated in cartel activity to monopolize the market of maintenance of military towns of Russia and has won 23 of the tender of the defense Ministry totaling more than 23 billion roubles, at least until the end of 2015 under the control of Prigogine and managed through the organization LLC “Concord Management and Consulting”.

The Fund noted that none of these firms had no experience in maintenance, utilities, military bases. In addition, some companies were created shortly before receiving a contract.

Initially, the FCO managed on open sources to track the relationship between companies Komponent, OOO, Ekobalt, OOO, OOO “Specresurs, OOO Ruskompleks” and OOO “Megaline”. In January last year, the Fund appealed to the FAS to attract these companies to the Antimonopoly service. The materials of the caseinitiated by the office according to the address FBK, allowed to reveal the entire network of firms Prigogine.

According to one document, on an electronic platform of bidding, all the companies of the cartel went with the same IP address: It belongs to the company “Concord Management and Consulting”, designed for the mother of Eugene Prigogine – Violetta.

Materials the FAS, it follows that all the mail addresses of the firms were registered at the same domain name, which belongs prigoginei the company OOO “Medstroy”. Contact details of the domain owner in this case coincides with the telephone of another firm restaurateur – LLC “Plant food “Concord”.

In addition, the FCO drew attention to exactly the same design applications of alleged cartel members. They have matches up to the availability of space before the comma after the name of the enterprise. Match and approval of a major transaction. Requests FBK all firms are similar replied that there are records of auctions in which in that period was involved in, and can’t provide the answer.

Because of the Bank account statement of the company “Megaline” FBK found 63 connected with loan agreements of the company, 57 of which, according to the Fund, are managed by Prigogine and six are structures of the Ministry of defense. Associated with the military Department of the company has received loans from prigorovsky firms in the framework of the contracts of the Ministry. In this “part of the transaction borrowing was intended to surpass one prigoginei company money to another firm to make then these funds as security of applications for participation in the auctions”.

The FCO explained that the identified Fund facts constitute illegal coordination of economic actors. In this regard, the Fund has applied to the FAS Russia on bringing LLC “Concord Management and Consulting” to justice.

In the process of its investigation, the FCO found out that the alleged member of a cartel, OOO “Ruskompleks” headed man, who is in jail. This firm continues to receive government contracts. And the company “Spetsresurs” has in the authorized capital of only a table and chair. “In the case of non-fulfillment of obligations to the army and bankruptcy (what prigoginei companies are not uncommon) the state depart only this stuff”, – concluded the Fund Navalny.

Evidence of collusion with the defense Ministry

The FCO also listed evidence that the cartel operated in cahoots with officials of the Ministry of defense. In particular, some companies Prigogine (ASP, OOO, OOO “Spetsresurs”) have offices on the territory of military units of the defense Department.

The defense Ministry admitted prigozhinskie firms without a license to work with state secrets, even if works such admission was necessary. However, when participating in other trades with similar demand the application of one company of the restaurateur were dismissed for lack of such license.

Between the structures of the Ministry of defence and companies Prigogine a correlation of certain loan agreements which they had concluded after the signing of government contracts. In addition, the monopolization of the market of servicing of military camps became possible due to the intentional enlargement of government contracts at the auctions of the defense Ministry. The work was divided for military towns and military districts.

According to the FCO, described the cartel is just one of many. Just Prigogine received through a similar scheme is more than 180 billion rubles on the contracts of the defense Ministry and its subordinate organizations, according to the Fund.

In October 2016, the FCO accused Prigogine that he arrange for the cartels to obtain illicit profits, ppl and robbing the Russian army. In January, the FCO described the scheme, which resulted in the company, according to the Foundation affiliated with businessman received contracts for 40 billion rubles to service military camps.

Eugene Prigogine is known for his large projects in the restaurant business. The media is calling him “Putin’s personal chef”. The businessman is the head of LLC “Concord Management and Consulting”, which is one of the main suppliers of power to manage the Affairs of the President of Russia.

Also Prigogine is associated with the organization and financing of the so-called Troll factory in Holguin. In addition, in 2016 he became famous as the first citizen, which opened in St. Petersburg judicial practice of application of the law on “right to oblivion”, seeking to remove from the Internet negative material about yourself.

The FCO told about the cartel, created “personal chef Putin” in collusion with officials of the Ministry of defense 19.05.2017

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