The budget of the Foundation “National intellectual development” (R & d), operating under the brand “Inpractice”, which General Director Katerina Tikhonov media believe the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, supplemented by earmarked contributions of state-owned companies. This method is only for the 2015 year, the organization received approximately $ 425 million rubles, according to the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK), which is headed by the oppositionist Alexei Navalny.

In addition, the FCO also has counted that since the beginning of last year, “Inpractice” won government contracts almost 452 million rubles. Bulk indicates that 179 million “Inpractice” brought the contract of “Rosneft”, 221 million contracts Transneft 59 million – contracts of “Rosatom”. Thus, considered in the FBC, in just the past half year, the Fund Tikhonova excluding earmarked contributions for 2016 has already received 877 million rubles.

The FCO draws attention to the fact that the Foundation does not provide reports, where are the money. On the website of “Inpractice” in section “Our results,” mentioned state-owned “Rosneft”, “Transneft” and “Rosatom”, but “no specifics, no,” said the Fund Navalny. Bulk in connection with this proposed “Inpractice” “voluntarily to tell dear Russians a little bit more about their activities”. In particular, the opposition would like to have the organization pointed out the source of contributions to the Fund and has published the results of the Fund.

In the spring of journalists to RBC, citing data from the Ministry of justice wrote that the budget “Inpractice” at the end of 2015, increased its spending by 46%. Total expenditures amounted to 411,5 million, compared with 281,6 million rubles spent in 2014, showed a report on the expenditure of funds submitted to the Ministry of justice in accordance with the requirements for non-profit organizations.

Journalists specify that the largest item of expenditure research in 2015 was column “other expenses” (143 million roubles). What exactly are they, a Ministry of justice report referenced in the publication does not disclose. The second largest item – the cost of “targeted interventions” (128 million). The costs of the management of the Fund last year amounted to 60 million rubles.

How is the budget of Fund in the financial statements was not disclosed. It followed that it consists of income from Russian individuals, Russian commercial organizations, as well as an income from business activities, but no figures were cited.

Note that the “Inpractice” is involved in large-scale project of Scientific and technological valley of the Moscow state University, which is expected to be equal in the legal field of the innovative center “SKOLKOVO”. The idea of construction of the valley called himself the rector of Moscow state University Viktor Sadovnichy. He announced the estimated cost of the valley – 110 billion roubles. Vladimir Putin also spoke about this project: in his view, the valley will help scientists “to post their discoveries”, and those looking for technology, not to buy them abroad, “billions of dollars”.

In January 2015, the press suspected the General Director of the organization “Inpractice”, the rector of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov Katerina Tikhonova youngest daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In November, the Agency Reuters with reference to the Deputy head of the Board of Directors of “Gazprombank” Andrey Akimov wrote that an employee of the University is really part of the family of the President. Putin himself during a press conference on 17 December refused to tell where his daughter.

On the same day, RBC published the investigation about the business Russian businessman Kirill Shamalov, whom the media called the husband of Catherine Tikhonova. Journalists drew attention to one of the largest deals of the year 2015: the Chinese company Sinopec purchased 10% in the petrochemical holding “SIBUR”. Despite the crisis, the buyer valued the company more than it ever cost: of $ 13.4 billion. The Chinese partners were the owners of “SIBUR” – billionaires Leonid Mikhelson and Gennady Timchenko, as well as a young businessman Shamalov.

Later, Reuters published their investigation about the life of son-in-law of President Putin. Several sources told the Agency that Cyril and Catherine were married in a ski resort “Igora” in the Leningrad region in February 2013. In the next 18 months Shamalov acquired a stake in SIBUR, which is now estimated at 2.85 billion dollars.

The FCO told us about a multimillion-dollar trust Fund contributions in Catherine Tikhonova 18.10.2016

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