After some travel companies have stopped selling tours to Turkey, amid conflict with the downed su-24, a Russian foreign Ministry recommended to refrain from traveling to Turkey, the final blow to the rest mass of Russians in this country ready to apply the Federal tourism Agency.

The head of Department Oleg Safonov suggested that cooperation between Russia and Turkey in the tourism industry will be terminated. “It is evident that cooperation with Turkey in tourism will be terminated”, – quotes its words “Interfax”. He said that the Federal Agency for tourism generally will not support tour operators, sending Russians abroad. About this Safonov said, answering the journalists ‘ question about the fate of the largest Russian tour operators, for which the main activity is sending tourists to Turkey.

He noted that the incident with the Russian fighter would have to
Turkey’s serious and long-term consequences. According to Safonov, the volume of Russian outbound tourism in the next 2016 will fall more than 40 percent. Turkey, in turn, will lose about $ 10 billion each year due to the cessation of the flow of Russian tourists.

Media have estimated the possible amount of damage from the conflict between Turkey and Russia

According to Rostourism, today in Turkey is resting almost
10 thousand Russians, but shipping them will be in normal mode. All will have time to return before the new year. “Our tourists will routinely need to return for the majority of to December 7, Another 34 people will have to go back until December 26,” said

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, commenting on the statement by the head of the Federal tourism Agency, stressed that the Turkish business, which implements projects on the territory of Russia, will suffer losses. But she is sure that Turkish investors will be a replacement.

Meanwhile, the Russian foreign Ministry confirms the recommendation for Russian citizens to refrain from visiting Turkey and recommends that the Russians to return home due to terrorist threats in this country. “In connection with continuing on the territory of Turkey by terrorist threats we confirm the recommendation to Russian nationals to refrain from visiting the Turkish Republic, and there are personal goals to Russians suggest to return to their homeland,” – said in a statement posted on the websiteof the Ministry.

The establishment of the “Turkish stream” may be suspended or cancelled

The Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev, meanwhile, said that Russia admits the possibility of limiting air links with Turkey and the freezing of several projects, including the “Turkish stream”. “The Agency will prepare its proposals in a short period of time for two to three days,” said the Minister, answering a question on possibility of restriction of flights between Russia and Turkey. His words leads TASS.

Ulyukayev noted that, “of course, can we talk about the restriction as scheduled flights, and Charter air transportation”. The economic development Minister stressed that such measures are envisaged by the 2006 act, on the basis of which the Russian Federation will consider restrictive measures against Turkey.

According to him, the government will review emerging risks. It is including the tourist industry, airlines and companies that operate in the field of export and import activities. “We will carefully analyze all these positions and only on the basis of this analysis will give suggestions”, – said Ulyukayev.

“This project (“Turkish”) is no different from any other project”, – said the Minister. Similar is the situation with the nuclear power plant “Akkuyu”. Its construction, which was engaged in “Rosatom”, now directly finances of the Russian Federation: the total amount of state support was to be 93 billion.

In addition, among other measures, the economic development Minister has called the termination of the preparation of a number of agreements with Turkey, including on free trade in services and investments, long-term five-year programme of trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation and the establishment of a Fund for joint investments.

At the government meeting, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia will impose restrictions against Turkey and will freeze a number of joint projects in response to the attack on the aircraft su-24. For training agencies specific proposals he gave to two days, calling Ankara’s actions an “act of aggression” against Russia. The Prime Minister noted that the day before had discussed the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “As a result, the government was instructed to develop a system response to an act of aggression in economic and humanitarian spheres”, – said Medvedev.

Relations of Russia and Turkey are suddenly cooled down after being on the Syrian-Turkish border was shot down by Russian su-24 bomber. The attack on the plane made F-16 fighter jets of the Turkish air force. The Turkish leadership insists that su-24 has broken air space of the country, thus justifying the actions of its air force. According to the Turkish military, the Russian pilots were warned several times prior to the attack. According to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, “violation of airspace was not” – the plane was over Syrian territory, participating in operations against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

The Federal Agency for tourism “obvious”: the stay of Russians in Turkey came to an end 26.11.2015

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