The story of the revocation of a certificate of operation on the Boeing-737 Russian airlines received an unexpected development. The Federal air transport Agency publicly confess that I can not contact to explain the situation with the management of the Interstate aviation Committee, which initiated the revocation.

The Federal air transport Agency claim that the MAC’s operating within the CIS cannot by its decision to stop the operation of Boeing-737 in the Russian airlines, because only authorized a special “Federal Executive body” of the Russian Federation. “The Federal government of its decision to ban flights of the Boeing 737 did not take”, — said the head of Federal air transport Agency Alexander Neradko the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

Thus, employees of the Federal air transport Agency, subordinated to Ministry of transport, still trying to get through to MAC, but so far without success. “The leadership and POPPY Aviation register of the MAC does not communicate with the Federal air transport Agency to explain the reasons for taking such measures”, – complain in the press service of the Agency (quoted by TASS).

Deputies proposed to prohibit airlines to register their aircraft abroad

“Such measures” refers to the decision MAK revocation of certificate of operation on the Boeing-737. Now these planes are, in particular, “Aeroflot”, its subsidiaries “Victory”, S7, as well as a bankrupt company “Transaero”. The presence of Boeing-737 at Transaero in light of recent statements by the Federal air transport Agency is especially entertaining.

Currently directs the POPPY Tatyana Anodina, the mother-in-law of the former General Director “Transaero” Olga Pleshakova and the mother is the former Executive Director of airline Alexander Pleshakov. Anodyne has also owned three shares of Transaero airlines until the summer of 2015. “This is revenge for “Transaero”, – said the source “Газеты.Ru” in the industry. According to Forbes, all three of them, Alexander and Olga Pleshakova and anodyne, left Russia.

In this letter the POPPY, which has been in the aviation Department, is structured in such a way that the reason for revoking the certificate of operation of the Boeing-737 called the actions of the Federal air transport Agency. The Federal air transport Agency, according to the letter, doubted the normal operation “of the steering system the height of” the model of the American plane and reported it to one of the United States, but the response from America was said that this system is really safe, so as they say in the letter, MAC and withdrew the certificate.

The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that the Federal air transport Agency of the IAC received a copy of the letter, not the original. On November 6 the Federal air transport Agency intends to hold a meeting. It invited representatives of airlines explotando Boeing-737 and heads of the POPPY. Will representatives of the inter-state Committee on it reliably is still unknown.

The Federal air transport Agency is unable to contact the leadership of MACK after the incident with the aircraft Boeing-737 06.11.2015

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