Civilian doctors from Segezha Central district hospital, arrived in the colony IK-7, not found on the body of the first convicted for participation in oppositional actions inconsistent Ildar Dading traces of beatings and bullying, about which he told in his message to the zone. This was stated by RIA “Novosti” on Wednesday, 2 November, the representative of management of Federal service of execution of punishments on Republic Kareliya (Karelia FPS).

“Today at 13:30 in IR 7, the Commission of independent doctors from Segezha Central district hospital conducted a medical examination of the convict the Dading… the results of the medical examination the condition of the Dading is regarded as satisfactory, traces of beatings on his body is not discovered, as well as signs of previous injuries,” – said the Agency.

Diseases, including chronic, Dading not discovered, noted in the FPS.

“Currently, we have set out the Dading in Petrozavodsk city hospital for additional instrumental examination, including electroencephalography. In addition, for examination of the state of health it is planned to invite an independent medical expert recommended by the human rights community,” – said the representative of the FSIN.

The readiness to admit to Dadina independent medical experts said yesterday FSIN. Composition of medical Board will be formed “solely on the advice of human rights activists” that should “maximize the objectivity of their conclusions on the application of the convicted of illegal methods of influence on the part of the prison administration”, promised the Deputy Minister Valery Maksimenko.

POC: Dading confirmed that it had used force, but no trace left

Deputy Chairman of the Public oversight Commission (POC) Moscow eve Markachev said RIA “Novosti” that in the Commission of civilian doctors was “a psychiatrist, because Dading had an epileptic attack.”

Together with doctors from the Dading were representatives of the public oversight Commission (POC) of Karelia, who also reported on the results of the visit. Dading they confirmed that it used force in a colony, but traces of violence had left, told TASS the Chairman of the ONK at UFSIN of Karelia and Deputy Secretary of the public chamber of the Republic Alexander Ruzanov.

Ruzanov arrived today in Segezha colony number 7 and two hours, he said, spoke with the prisoner. “I can say that he confirmed that he had no bruises, no abrasions, nothing, after, as he says, applying thereto physical force, in addition to traces of the handcuffs. That is, there is no bruise or bruise,” said Ruzanov.

He added that the colony continue to work with the SC members, prosecutors, employees of the Central apparatus of the Federal penitentiary service, representatives of the PMC with the FPS of Karelia. “To do any conclusions clearly, now is not the time,” said Ruzanov.

Earlier, after publication of the letter, Dading about beating and torture, which, he said, occurred on 11 and 12 September, the Federal penitentiary service said that an activist of the November 1 “under the video” said the lack of injuries, though the video did not show. Between the alleged beatings, which date back to the early days of the Dading in Segezha colony where he is in the beginning of September, was transferred from the Vologda prison, and medical inspection have passed more than a month.

The activist’s wife collects the information about tortures in the penal colony IK-7

Wife Dading, journalist Anastasiya Zotova, didn’t believe the denials. She believes that her husband could be intimidated: “If he denies, it means he’s afraid if he denies, then he was standing behind her with a stun gun… I just don’t know what it could intimidate that he could not deny it”.

“Me and the lawyer Alexei Lipcare now the data is coming from people who also were subjected to torture and beatings in the Karelian IR-7, – Zotov reported today on his page in Facebook. – I was at the reception of the FPS and spoke with the head of the legal Department by Klimakov Leonid Leonidovich. He said that at the moment information on torture validates the Investigative Committee, and if the data is confirmed, those responsible will be prosecuted”.

Alex lipcer is a lawyer who wrote down the words of the Dading October 31, his story of torture and ill-treatment in IK-7.

Yesterday in Moscow at the building of the Federal penitentiary service held a picket in support of the Dading, the protesters handed to the representative of the office a statement demanding to conduct an investigation and parted after promising to provide him with security.

The human rights center “memorial” has repeatedly stated that it sees Ildar Dading political prisoners, the sentence imposed on him is unjust, and the article 212.1 of the criminal code is unconstitutional, demanded the unconditional cessation of the criminal persecution, Dading and his immediate release.

“We have no reason to doubt the veracity of fact set forth Davnym information,” – said in a statement published on the website of “Memorial” regarding the letter about torture. “While he was illegally held in the colony, all the more necessary to take urgent measures for the protection of his rights and cessation of lawlessness. The perpetrators of the violation of the rights of Ildar Dading and other prisoners should be identified and punished”, – says the Chairman of “Memorial” Alexander Cherkasov.

Ildar Dading was repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for participation in opposition rallies – four in 2014. Dading remains the only convicted under article 212.1 of the criminal code after her appearance in the new edition of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2014. The first consideration of the case he was sentenced to three years in a General regime colony, although the prosecution had asked only for two years. March 31, the Moscow city court has mitigated the sentence to activist for six months.

The Federal penitentiary service announced that civilian doctors found no signs of torture on the body of the Dading 02.11.2016

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