The upper house of the Russian Parliament took “political pause” in the preparation of the list of undesirable organizations, which, in the opinion of the authorities of the Russian Federation, threaten the interests of the country. “We take a political break, on a regular basis won’t return to the “stop-list”, – said the head of Committee of the upper house of the Parliament on defense and security Viktor Ozerov, reports RIA “Novosti”.

After a closed session of the constitutional, international and defence committees of the Federation Council, the MP explained that currently, on the basis of information received from the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of justice, there is an understanding that “enhancement of the activities of foreign non-profit organizations that began with the decree of the Federation Council, has results.”

He recalled that, in accordance with the Russian legislation and the Constitution in Russia unacceptable activities that threaten the sovereignty and security of the state, the state system.

Deputy head of the international Committee Andrey Klimov, in turn, told reporters that “Patriotic stop-list”, proposed by the senators, established himself as “an effective instrument of combating illegal activities of foreign NGOs operating on the territory of Russia”.

“The creation of a “stop list” to become effective the prevention activities of NGOs, forced them to monitor their actions, to respect the Constitution and not to interfere in our Affairs. If we see that the situation causes in the public interest, we will come back to this tool again. We have no reason in the near future to get together on this issue”, – said Klimov.

He also noted the need in greater extent to rely on the preventive activities of the Supervisory authorities, which would not allow deviations in the work of foreign NGOs.

At the beginning of July 2015 in Russia created the so-called “Patriotic stop-list”. A list of non-commercial foreign organizations, which, in the opinion of the Russian authorities, pose a threat to the constitutional order of the Russian Federation, to the Federation Council. The defendants in the “stop list” – the direct candidates for the status of “undesirable organizations”.

In the Federation Council formed the list included the 12 organizations: the Soros Foundation, the national endowment for democracy, international Republican Institute, national democratic Institute for international Affairs, the MacArthur Foundation, Freedom House, Foundation Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Foundation “Education for democracy”, East European democratic centre, the world Congress of Ukrainians, the Ukrainian world coordinating Council, the Crimean field mission on human rights. After that the Federation Council has sent an appeal to the Prosecutor General, Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of justice to consider the issue on inclusion of these organizations in the list of undesirable.

The Federation Council took a “political pause” in the drafting of “memorial” 28.11.2016

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