The arrival of the international inspectors of FIFA at the stadium “Zenit arena” in St. Petersburg turned into a new headache for the city authorities and builders. When FIFA officials came to the stadium and began to jump, the surface under their shoes zaproszenie. Due to the vibration on this cover to play football it is impossible, said the experts.

The visit by FIFA inspectors for the new stadium on Krestovsky island held 31 October and was closed by the press, writes “Fontanka”. The arena came the Director on organization of competitions FIFA Colin Smith, head of the Department for the preparation of the world Championships Christian Unger and representatives of Russian “organizing Committee-2018″.

During the inspection a unique roll-out of the stadium field inspectors spoke about the inadmissibility of vibrations during official games in soccer. When a player in one part of the field will jump for the ball, the other parts of the lawn will begin to move, experts explained.

According to journalists, that field, vibrates, builders were known long before the arrival of the Inspectorate. A year ago the contractor “Module-T” addressed to “Transstroy” to reinforce the field structure due to possible vibrations. Subcontractor supplied steel parts of mobile platforms and roll-out tray field.

“Vibration was expected for engineers. And there was an understanding that they need to be removed before putting into operation”, – told the edition a source familiar with the construction. The arrival of the inspection FIFA stimulated the search for solutions to the problems – contractors arena has already put forward its proposals, noted journalists.

“Innovation center of advanced technologies”, responsible for the mechanization of the roof, made for the installation under 1.5 thousand jacks. Additional points of support, in theory, should contain the vibration of structural elements. Specialists of the Polytechnic University, in turn, see the solution to install the bottom pan steel frames – they will fix the metal sheets, a little walking after assembling the boxes.

At the end of October in one of the sectors of the stadium “Zenit-arena” during the start of heating has occurred the flood. In a test run of the heating earned two radiator. It turned out that the batteries had shorted themselves and not connected to the main highway. Workers had to hollow out the floor to the nearest heating duct and to open it for battery connections.

Stadium “Zenit arena” started to build in 2008. Over the years, its estimate increased from 6.7 to 43.8 billion rubles. There will be matches of the 2018 world Cup. Since August, the new General contractor of construction is assigned to JSC “metrostroj”, controlled by Smolny. The amount of costs for the completion of the stadium and the adjacent area is 7,8 billion roubles.

In August, the Smolny approved a plan for the transfer of 2.6 billion rubles from the construction of hospitals and schools for the completion of “Zenit-Arena”. The construction of the stadium should be completed prior to 26 December 2016.

The FIFA inspectors, hopped on the new field of “Zenit-Arena” came to the conclusion that playing it is impossible 03.11.2016

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