In the Russian hire on Thursday, March 16, comes the film “beauty and the beast” by bill Condon, even before its premiere caused a scandal in connection with the presence of a gay character. The musical film is a remake of the eponymous Disney cartoon 1991.

In Russia the picture was uncharacteristic rating “16+” (children up to 16 years only accompanied by adults) in connection with complaints about the promotion of homosexuality. In the Institute of cultural heritage. Likhachev did not identify evidence of gay propaganda.

“According to our Charter we can provide consulting services, including our founder. We have a Commission of six people, all of them are candidates or doctors of Sciences in the field of culture and art. The Committee included members of our Institute”, – told TASS about how passed examination, the head of the heritage Institute Arseny Mironov.

According to Mironov, the reason for the examination was the interview which gave “Bushido” Director bill Condon. He said that in the movie “beauty and the beast” will be a homosexual character. As a result of viewing picture experts prepared for the Ministry of culture of the written examination. “We have recommended an age rating of “16+”. We realized that, because that’s all these hints children are not read, then we have no reason to recommend this film to prohibit the rental,” – said the head of the Institute.

“Deny it in any case can not, by law, we do not have that right. It is made very thin. I just think that made a very good decision,” added Mironov, noting that “if the film was banned in theaters, then it would be a violation of the law, break and crackdown”. At the same time, the scientist expressed the hope that the children will not see this movie.

Recall the emergence of the gay character is concerned by militant guardian of the morals of the state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov, who appealed to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky with the requirement to check a film on the subject of gay propaganda.

The main roles in the film played by Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans. Secondary characters are a significant part of the tape present on the screen in the form of animated using computer graphics objects, played by Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci and others.

Production group “beauty and the Beast” consisted of more than a thousand people who designed, built and decorated the impressive scenery. For example, during the filming was used by more than 8.7 thousand candles. And only one yellow ball gown Belle of the 55 meters of organza, 914 meters of yarn and 2160 Swarovski crystals took more than 12 thousand hours.

The film “beauty and the beast” goes to rent in Russia with the restriction for children under 16 years 16.03.2017

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