British Director James strong, who worked on the TV series “Doctor Who” and starred in films “I do about myself. Elton John and United. The Munich tragedy,” led the film crew of the biopic “middle-earth”, dedicated to the life and works of John Ronald Tolkien Roela.

Producer Michael Lynn, participated in the creation of the trilogy “the Lord of the rings”, and his colleagues by Robert shaye and Rachel Horowitz, according to Variety, inspired the acclaimed film adaptations of Tolkien’s works from Director Peter Jackson.

The script was entrusted to Angus Fletcher, who six years devoted to archival research and interviews with those who could tell the details of the biography of the writer. According to the newspaper, the film will tell the story of Tolkien’s youth and his romance with Edith Brett, who became his wife. As you know, the Oxford Professor met his fiance when he was 16 and she was for three years more. Father took out with lover boy promise that he would not date a girl until the age of majority. Tolkien kept his word and never spoke with sweetheart until the day when he turned 21 and he wrote her a letter with a proposal of marriage. Edith broke off the engagement with another man and married him.

“The couple lived happily in Oxford surrounded by friends, but when in 1914 the war began, Tolkien four years he went to meet the battle, deprivation and new friends and associates who influenced his imagination and led him on the path to earth”, – stated in the message on start of the project.

About who will be entrusted with a major role and when the film will hit the screens, not yet reported.

Tolkien was born in 1892. Worked as a teacher of old English. In his spare time he created the Chronicles of the invented world of middle-earth, which, as he noted, the discernible features of our planet.

Tolkien not only wrote the history of his world, naseli various kinds of fabulous creatures but also drew detailed maps of each historical period, invented their own languages and dialects, and created a whole religious system of the middle-earth with our own Pantheon of angelic beings that are managed by more than one deity.

All the fantasies of the writer embodied in a series of books – “the Hobbit” (1937) and its sequel “the Lord of the rings” (1954-1955). They were also written monographs on Chaucer (1934) and “Beowulf” (1937), created a dictionary of middle English language. In 1997, the epic novel “Lord of the rings” in several polls, was voted book of the century.

Tolkien died in 1973. In 1977 he published his posthumous work “the Silmarillion”, edited by the writer’s son Christopher Tolkien and was subsequently rebuilt by drafts and published several works.

The film is a biography of J. R. R. Tolkien called “middle earth” will remove the Director of “Doctor Who” 08.11.2016

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