Few filmmakers raised money for the film via the crowdfunding platform and disappeared, occasionally tweeted photos with guests. While shareholders tried to track down the fraudsters, the organizers of the gathering made a movie about the escape of a group of filmmakers gathered with the movie money.

As recalled by the British The Independent, a group called FND Films has collected about 78 thousand dollars in a tearful video posted on YouTube in 2014. Then the filmmakers did not provide any details about the project, along with the title, “All is good”.

When the desired amount has been collected, the organizers of the gathering disappeared, and only occasionally posted in social networks photos of drinking and boating in Italy. Shareholders gathering was pissed and left an angry message on the page FND Films Facebook in, threatening lawsuits.

Chapter FND Films even made an official apology and said that because of “complications and things beyond our control”, the film cannot be completed and the money has run out.

However, recently it became clear that filmmakers still took his picture and 21 October intend to submit to the Prime Minister. The plot of “All is well” revolves around three filmmakers who raise funds for the film via crowdfunding and run with the money.

Through viral advertising, which is provided to the agitation communicated to the project stakeholders, the trailer of the film already in the first week I gained almost 400 thousand views. In the comments to Esquire President FND Films admitted that it was a terrible experience – over two years to pretend to be liars, getting many angry comments and threats. According to him, the picture is “passionate”.

The filmmakers have gathered the money for the film and disappeared to make a movie about the escape of Directors with the collected money 04.10.2016

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