The Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) can once again turn to the Bank of Russia for a loan to pay depositors of those banks whose licenses when fully choose the previous loan of 110 billion roubles. About it as transfers TASS, told reporters Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev, recently predicted the exhaustion of the limit approved by the Bank of Russia loan to the DIA for the next 2-3 months.

“As I was saying, this amount before the end of the year may be selected, but it is not new payments and old. Here I would like to clarify – this does not mean that this is the last money for the DIA and nothing more. The Board of Directors, in principle, nothing prevents to meet and approve the appeal for a new loan. The law does not limit the Deposit insurance Agency in the amount of the loan, the only restriction is that the loan should be five years,” he said.

The Deputy Minister expressed confidence that in case of need the DIA for additional means the Board of Directors of the Agency will support this decision, and the Central Bank credit will be given.

According to Moses, the DIA, in any event, enough funds to pay depositors of banks that have been or will be revoked license.
“Under no circumstances may be such that the DIA ran out of money. The mechanism is so clearly worked out that no matter what happens with the banking system – the DIA has enough money”, – concluded the Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance.

Banks, we will remind, victims pay insurance to depositors of their funds, and DIA having the status of a state Corporation, then compensate them with the sum spent. The DIA has the right to resort to Finance payments of insurance compensation at the expense of credits of the Central Bank, if the size of Fund of obligatory insurance of contributions will fall below 40 billion rubles.

In June, the Board of Directors of DIA approved the possibility of Agency in the Central Bank to provide loans totaling up to 110 billion rubles without collateral for up to five years at a reduced rate.

The insurance Fund have steadily decreased from 2013, when the Central Bank began mopping up the banking sector. This year the Fund, which is expended faster than it is replenished, were close to the devastation, after in may the Central Bank revoked the licenses of banks “Transport”, “boomerang” and “Probank”.

With the end of summer the DIA has ceased to publish on your site the amount of the Deposit insurance Fund, without explaining the reason for the closure of this information. At the beginning of July, the Deposit insurance Fund was $ 30.9 billion as at the end of March the Fund was 69 billion at the beginning of the year to 83.6 billion rubles.

The Finance Ministry has assured that money for payments to affected depositors ABC will not end 23.10.2015

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