The excise tax on alcoholic beverages containing ethyl alcohol over 9% next year will grow from 500 to 523 rubles per 1 liter of anhydrous alcohol. This, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, it follows from the amendments to the Tax code submitted by the Ministry of Finance.

Previously, the Ministry suggested, on the contrary, to reduce the excise duty on the third – to 360 rubles for the legalization of the black market and increase in excise revenues.

In 2013, the rate of excise tax has almost doubled, and the legal vodka production and retail sales fell by 30%. It is necessary to find the optimal rate that will make the products available to the public, while maintaining a sufficient level of revenues to the budget, explained the representative of Ministry of economic development.

Manufacturers also opposed to higher taxes. The Union of alcohol producers asked the government to reduce the excise duty, or at least keep at the current level, since legal sales started

The Finance Ministry insists on increasing the excise tax on vodka 19.10.2016

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