The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation made a proposal to equate hawthorn tincture to alcoholic beverages and to include in yegais (unified state automated information system). This was at a meeting in the Federation Council on Friday, November 25, said Deputy head of the Ministry Ilya Trunin.

“Since the introduction of yegais share of legal alcohol began to rise, but began to appear a substitute is a medical products such as cosmetics, balms, alcohol, and they also consume and harm, in principle, no. I think that you can enter USAIS on the hawthorn and other balms,” – said the Deputy Minister, quoted by TASS.

As said Trunin, the Ministry of Finance also proposes to prohibit the sale of any alcohol products in vending machines, reports “Interfax”. It is necessary to adopt non-tax measures to regulate the alcohol market. “We need to ban vending, that is, the realization of all these products in
machines. Perhaps, you should consider any medications
recipes to go, as it is done in Belarus. But it’s not
the prerogative of the Finance Ministry,” he said.

In late October, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on health protection Nikolay Govorin has proposed to ban the sale of alcohol products, including tinctures of hawthorn and lotions, through vending machines.

According to Ilya Trunina, the Ministry of Finance is developing a series of measures to combat
substitutes – we are talking about cosmetic and pharmaceutical products containing alcohol. In this regard, the office sees the need to complete the system yegais for medicinal products and to introduce excise duty, with a possible deduction in respect of alcohol-containing cosmetic products.

As noted Trunin in his speech in the Federation Council, the collection of excise taxes shows that the proportion of legal strong alcohol in the market began to grow. “But illegal alcohol began to be displaced and migrated to surrogates. There are two types of products: lotions, i.e. perfume and cosmetic products that formally are not intended for consumption, and the second is kaskelenskaya the products is alcohol of 80 per cent,” he said.

The volume of the market of alcohol products the pharmacy of origin of the experts was previously estimated at 10% of the total alcohol consumed by Russians of alcohol. It was noted that, despite the fact that the government reduced the minimum price for vodka, the Russians increasingly prefer legal alcohol tinctures of hawthorn, antimasonry liquid, means for washing of glasses and benactyzine alcohol.

At the beginning of October in Kaluga there was a scandal after the appearance of the vending machine of tincture of hawthorn. In the end, the machine stood there for a few days and was dismantled.

November 18 the state Duma adopted in the third reading the bill on amendments to the Tax code, increasing excise rates on alcohol and tobacco and diesel fuel. According to the document, in years 2017-2019 will increase excise duties on wine and champagne, cider and Mead, beer, hard alcohol, and all types of tobacco.

The Finance Ministry proposes to equate the tincture of hawthorn to alcohol and to include in USAIS 26.11.2016

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