In Finland, the border guards working at the checkpoint “Vaalimaa”, was detained a Russian citizen and her two compatriots, who are suspected in the shoplifting. Russian tourists aroused suspicion because he was dressed “like a cabbage” – once in two sets of clothing.

A curious incident occurred on November 24, writes “” with reference to the border detachment on the South-Eastern Finland.
Border guards stopped the car, which from Finland went to Russia three citizens of the Russian Federation. Travelers and their car sent to an in-depth inspection.

The Russians, among whom was one woman, found several layers of new clothes. So, men wore two pairs of pants and two coats, and the pockets they were hidden hats and gloves.

Suspicions intensified when one of the detainees in his pocket, found the device for removing the protective mechanism of goods.

Receipts confirming the purchase, the tourists were unable to provide. The clothes they seized to determine its origin. The Russians suspect, not only stealing, but also in the smuggling attempt.

For last month it already the third case of detention thieving Russian tourists at the multilateral automobile checkpoint “Vaalimaa”. First, was caught by two Russians with a new sports clothes for 2000 euros and no checks. And then the guards revealed the four Russians who tried to take the allegedly stolen new clothes, hidden in garbage bags.

The Finnish border guards detained Russian tourists for theft: they were given double sets of clothing on the body 29.11.2016

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