In the semifinal match of the world championship, which took place on the Moscow ice, the Russian team lost to team of Finland.

The beginning of the game was for the Russian hockey players, it is not surprising that already in the third minute Sergei Shirokov at the second attempt beat Finnish goalkeeper Mikko Koskinen – 1:0.

By the middle period, the opponents managed to equalize the situation and create several dangerous moments near our goal, but Sergei Bobrovsky did not flinch.

The second half began with Alexander Ovechkin one-on-one with the Finnish goalkeeper, but to double the advantage to the attacker “Washington” has failed.

Retribution was swift: 18-year-old Sebastian Aho (26′) the numerical superiority restored the balance, leaving an irresistible one – touch- 1:1.

On this trouble for the Russians is not over: first, Jussi Jokinen (36′) brought the Finns forward, and then Sebastian Aho (39′), once again having the most, scored twice with 1:3.

In the final period of play, the team of Oleg Znarka had the advantage, however, to use the few chances in the attack failed.

“For me personally, the match was difficult,” he said on television Sergei Bobrovsky. – Didn’t have many shots, but they were difficult, the opponents created chances. Got a double situation: on the one hand, I’m not rescued, the other shots were difficult.”

“I would not say that the Finnish team was faster than us, but they brought the puck to the gates and employment goals scored, – told reporters the team captain Pavel Datsyuk. – Finnish complex? What you’re talking about! We don’t think about any complexes. Most, of course, it would have helped. If we scored in the majority – it would be a big plus. Tomorrow’s a big game for us, you have to play to the end.”

The second finalist to determine the match Canada – USA, which will end tonight.

On Sunday team Russia will play for the bronze medal (start at 16.15 Moscow time).

The Finns did not let the Russian players in the finals of a home world Cup 21.05.2016

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