It Asadu, who became the first black actor who played hamlet in the play “Royal Shakespeare company”, received the highest award of the UK – UK Theatre Awards, reports the BBC. Assado confessed that the award became for it “a huge honor.”

26-year-old actor received the opportunity to realize on stage the Royal Shakespeare theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, the image of the Danish Prince in the famous play by William Shakespeare “hamlet” directed by Simon Godwin.

In turn, the actress Vanessa Redgrave and sir Ian McKellen, who played the role in 15 of the 38 plays written by William Shakespeare, have received honorary awards UK Theatre Awards. The ceremony of awards took place in London last Sunday, 9 October. Assado won in the nomination “Best acting performance in the play”.

Note that more and more black actors play roles of characters that are traditionally performed by white actors, and not always the decision of the Directors take the audience.

Recently, criticism from some members of the public caused a message stating that the 45-year-old black actress Noma Dumezweni will be playing the role of Hermione Granger in the London production of the play “Harry Potter and the cursed child”.

However, the actress immediately stood up, the author of Harry Potter JK Rowling, who called critics “a bunch of racists”. This summer saw the premiere of the play staged was a great success.

Racial background was the scandal which last year erupted in the US because of the decision of Director Michael Cancel on the role of leader of the movement for civil rights of blacks Martin Luther king actor with white skin.

The approach of the author sharply criticized the playwright, journalist and actress Katori Hall, who wrote the play “the mountaintop”. Hall angrily called the decision “disrespectful” to the black population.

The play was staged by Michael Othman at Kent state University in Ohio. In three of the last six performances of Martin Luther king played by a black actor, and the other shows the role played by the artist with white skin. The Director said that he was trying to understand how the ideas of the king can understand if they heard from the lips of a person of another race. In the end, the performances were held in September and October 2015, after which he was suspended.

The first “black hamlet” in the play “Royal Shakespeare company” the prestigious award 10.10.2016

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