The deaths in Ukraine and the magnificent funeral of the famous field commanders of the DPR of Arseniy Pavlov, known by the nickname of Motorola, continues to provoke scandals. During the discussion which occurred on the Russian First channel in the talk show “Time will tell” presenter: Artem Sheinin made resonant confession stated that he killed people.

Replica Scheinin, drew attention telekritik Irina Petrovskaya. In his account on the social network Facebook she brought her version of the discussion that took place in the air. In particular, Peter wrote that in response to the remark of one of the guests in the Studio – the producer and Director Gregory Amnuel, called the Motorola killer, and doubting that his funeral is worthy of such attention of the Russian TV, he said, “I also killed. What?”. At the same time, according to Peter, he “approached threateningly” Annuala.

Note that in reality the replica Scheinin did not look quite as presented by Petrovskaya. “Mr. Amnuel, I killed, then what? You’re sitting, talking to me. And for many people I’m a legitimate,” he said quietly. This episode can be seen on the second minute (1:39) of the segment posted on YouTube.

According to the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, in Scheinin 1984-1986 year did military service in Afghanistan, after which he became the author of several books and films on the subject. Leading “Time will tell” he was this summer, after the departure of Peter Tolstoy’s Deputy in the state Duma.

Commenting on the loud remark of the presenter, Deputy editor-in-chief of “echo of Moscow” Vladimir Varfolomeev noticed in Facebookthat can’t remember a case where a confession like that would do veterans of the Second world war. “Something is frankly unhealthy, I think,” – he said.

A similar view was expressed by ex-state Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov, who wrotethat such a statement is a “blurring of norms”, the underlying concepts imbedded in each person from childhood. In his opinion, “it is the destruction of the first boundaries and aims most of the current efforts of the propagandists”, from monuments to Ivan the terrible and Joseph Stalin to the words of Archpriest Chaplin on admissibility from the point of view of religion of mass murder and appeals Professor of Moscow state University Alexander Dugin to murder Ukrainians.

The Death Of Motorola

Motorola died 16 October the detonation of an explosive device at the entrance of a residential building in Donetsk. Several people were injured. The self-proclaimed head of the Donetsk national Republic (DND) Alexander Zakharchenko said that this is the security Service of Ukraine, and described the murder of Motorola as a Declaration of war to the Donbas President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Investigative team of the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Ministry of state security DNR has classified the incident as a terrorist attack. The investigation stated that the composition of explosives and the construction of the bomb, which killed Pavlova, similar to what was found in the attempt on Zakharchenko, prevented 28 APR 2016. At the same time, unofficial sources in the DNI does not exclude the criminal version of the death of Motorola.

The First channel, discussing the death of Motorola, confessed to the killings 21.10.2016

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