Midfielder English “Manchester United” and Russian national team Spain soccer Juan Mata has complained about absurdly high salaries and isolation from the real world. The weekly salary of 27-year-old player is 140 thousand pounds.

“We earn incredible money, an unfathomable amount compared to other people. If you compare with other players, I get a decent wage. But compared to 99.9% of Spaniards and people from other countries I make a lot of obscene”, – quotes the football player Spanish portal As.

Mata also lamented the fact that football is isolated from the rest of the real world.

“I live like in a bubble. Here is my friend lives in real life – he needs to work to get unemployment benefits and move, until he finds her. This is a normal life, and my life of a football player – she’s crazy. Sometimes it scares me how I am protected. The slightest problem and someone will solve it for me,” added the midfielder.

The Spaniard is confident that money corrupts the game and understands people who are turning away from modern football. “I don’t like the fact that football is a business. I love this game and gladly accepted a pay cut if decreased the impact of business on sport,” he said.

Juan Mata has moved in “Manchester United” in January 2014 from Chelsea for a record at the time of Manchester United for the sum more than 37 million pounds.

The football player “Manchester United” complained of a too high salary 25.04.2016

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