The foreign Ministers of the countries of the West after the unproductive meeting in Lausanne will gather in London to discuss the possibility of a Syrian settlement without Russia, reports the Russian service of the BBC.

At a meeting in London U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry will hold talks with the foreign Ministers of Britain, France and Germany. Also in the meeting will participate representatives of the Syrian government or the Syrian opposition.

On Saturday in Lausanne was held the meeting of Kerry with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and representatives of several other countries involved in the conflict in Syria – Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov after a five-hour debate, said that the negotiators discussed “some ideas” that can influence the situation. His American counterpart John Kerry called the meeting in Lausanne constructive, but “with a complex, tense moments.” Any outcome after the talks was not released.

On Sunday, the Russian foreign Ministry issued a statement in which he cited some of the details of these negotiations. In particular, it refers to the commitment of all participants of the meeting in Lausanne the preservation of Syria as a coherent, independent and secular state, “in which the future of their country will be decided by the Syrians during the inclusive political dialogue.” In the statement the Russian foreign Ministry stressed the need to “dissociation of the units of the “moderate” opposition” from jihadist groups.

Following the breakdown of a September truce, the Syrian army with the support of Russian aviation has been constant shelling rebel-held Eastern Aleppo. The bombing regularly killed civilians. The West accuses the Assad regime and its allies of committing war crimes.

The talks in London will be held under the chairmanship of the head of the foreign office Boris Johnson – one of the harshest critics of Russia for support of operation in Aleppo. Last Tuesday, in a speech in Parliament in the debate on Syria, Johnson said about the guilt of Russia in the attack on the humanitarian convoy of the UN at Aleppo and urged opponents of war to arrange a demonstration at the Russian Embassy in London. This provoked an angry reaction from the Russian authorities.

The foreign Ministers of the countries of the West discuss Syria without Russia 16.10.2016

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