The pressure of the US authorities on the RT forcing Russia to apply to the American media similar measures, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. In early October, the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan said that the requirement of the American Ministry of justice to register as a foreign agent can lead to the fact that the channel will stop in the States. Judging by the comments of Roskomnadzor under threat CNN.

Zakharova gave an interview to the program “week” on the channel NTV. She was sure that RT is persecuted for political reasons: “This is a special case when the channel used all available machine, including administrative resources, including advocacy in the U.S…. After we have qualified as a restriction of activity, we can apply the same measures against American journalists and American media here, on the territory of the Russian Federation”. (Quoted by TASS.)

She stressed that the private media could be prosecuted on the territory of Russia as well as the state: “No difference whether the mass media of the state, financed through a small, indirect chain line us government, or private – for us this is no difference”.

Zakharova also said that the government never used the law against foreign correspondents with the aim of pressure, censorship or political influence.

Previously, a protective response in the event of termination of RT broadcasts in the US, said the chief editor Margarita Simonyan. She called this scenario the worst among the possible and stressed that she as a journalist does not want.

CNN threatened

On Friday Roskomnadzor recalled that the Agency has the right to suspend the license of the company-broadcaster of CNN International in Russia for a period of three months, if the company does not resolve within the established deadlines of such irregularities.

RIA “Novosti” then reported that CNN can remain without a license by October 11.

Week the company “Turner information programs and life style”, which performs the broadcasting of the TV channel CNN International in Russia, provided the Roskomnadzor notification on elimination of violations. Experts analyze record to confirm this fact, reported the Agency.

The problem of RT in USA

Problems in the channel, which in the West as a conductor of the Kremlin propaganda has emerged amid investigation into alleged Russian interference in the American elections in 2016. On 11 September, the TV channel RT reported that the U.S. Department of justice sent a letter to the company, which caters to RT America, with the requirement to register as a foreign agent.

4 Oct the RT was removed from the premium for the issuance of YouTube, owned by Google. It happened shortly after the Congress has expressed the intention to interview representatives of Google in connection with the possible placement of advertising associated with the RT account. Other Internet giants – Facebook and Twitter – have already provided such information.

In parallel with this in the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress discussed the draft of the new registration requirements for foreign agents. The project involves the empowerment of the Ministry of justice with additional powers, allowing you to identify and the court to prosecute organizations that “illegally” trying to affect the political process in the United States.

The foreign Ministry announced the preparation of a reflex action against mass media from the United States due to the attack on RT 08.10.2017

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