In Moscow with anxiety and concern the perceived threat from Washington to organize an unprecedented cyber attack on Russia, said the Russian foreign Ministry. However, such a shouting, far from diplomacy, not force Russia to “bend”, said Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. Before to respond to a possible attack, the CIA promised in the Kremlin – although the message the American media about this have not been confirmed.

Ryabkov in an interview to”Interfax” on Sunday said: “For us it’s all disturbing and of great concern, because Russia has turned into a map that plays out in the election
the struggle of the Americans.”

“It’s not even as “megaphone diplomacy”, because no
diplomacy is not here – it’s just the sound on the market. Us with this scream
take and not be intimidated… a new batch of threats we unawares will not find” – said Deputy foreign Minister.

The question is not whether to consider statements from Washington as
attempt simple blackmail, Ryabkov said: “unfortunately, (from Washington)
you can expect all the most dramatic decisions, because, as
practice shows, where relations with Russia are a means
achieve specific political goals.” He expressed the opinion that in this situation the U.S. government is trying “to increase the chances of one of the candidates for the election”.

On the eve of the American broadcaster NBC, citing sources in the intelligence services said that the plans of a hacker attack in the US administration discussed in the response to the proposed intervention of Russian hackers in the us presidential elections. The sources did not elaborate on what specific measures are at issue, but noted that the intelligence office has already started “to open the cyber door” and sets objectives for future operations.

Two former CIA officer, “who worked on Russia,” he told NBC that Washington is not the first time allow the exploration of such a task, however, in the end, always refuses the plan.

About intervention of Russia in the USA was raised after the publication of the emails the national Committee of Democratic party of the United States and employees of the headquarters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Russian President Vladimir Putin denied Russian involvement in hacker attacks on e-mail

The foreign Ministry called the Bazaar, shouting threats of cyber attacks from the US 16.10.2016

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