The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented on the possibility of direct military clashes between Russia and the United States in Syria. She pointed out that, despite the “difficult situation”, the agreement on the prevention of conflicts in Syria between the two countries is valid, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Leading channel “Russia 1″ said Zakharov on the possibility of clashes of Russian and American forces in Syria, for example, in the case if USA will bomb the Syrian army, and Russia will close the sky with their s-300 systems. “I think there are a lot of components to this question, though, of course, he is so frontal. We have the frontal response might be that we have concluded the corresponding agreement, the agreement with the Americans on conflict prevention. It’s such a straightforward answer to your straightforward question,” said foreign Ministry spokesman.

She then made a reservation: “But the situation is much more complicated, because, first, it is again nurturing terrorist aphid, which then flooded all regions, Europe and to the States will get. Unfortunately, it’s already tested. The second point is, of course, for a long time dropping any real prospects for settlement in Syria.”

The diplomat also has noticed that at first in Washington said that broke any dialogue with Russia on the Syrian settlement, and now there are “new calls”: “that the political settlement they do not give up. The search, on the way out of the situation they consider is very important. It takes another day, and then there is the new input that they are not ripped, but have suspended cooperation with Russia in this direction.”

On Monday, the state Department announced that the U.S. stops talks with Russia on Syria because “Russia has failed to fulfill its promises, including its obligations under international humanitarian law”. In addition, Washington said, “either Moscow’s unwillingness or inability forced the Syrian regime to cooperate”.

On the eve of the American press , there were allegations that Washington is considering air strikes on government forces in Syria.

The foreign Ministry commented on the possibility of military clashes between Russia and the United States in Syria 06.10.2016

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