The Ministry of foreign Affairs links the mortar shelling of the Russian Embassy in Damascus with the recent threats to Russia came from Washington. This was at the briefing in Moscow on Thursday, said the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“October 3 was subjected to shelling of the Russian Embassy in Damascus,
shots were fired from the territory controlled by the terrorist
groups. There were no casualties, but the Embassy complex was damaged,” reminded Zaharova, quoted by “Interfax”. “We see a connection between this terrorist attack and delivered on the eve of Washington’s veiled threats in our address,” said the Ministry spokesman.

Zakharova said that the attack occurred against the background of discussions about a possible delivery to Syrian rebels man-portable air defence systems (MANPADS) and other modern military equipment.

“The impression that our Western partners forget
“the Nusra front (Jabhat Fatah al-sham”, formerly the “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra”, banned in Russia. – Approx., LIH (“Islamic state”, ISIS, ISIL, DAISH, banned in Russia. – Approx., “Jund al-Aqsa”, “PN Ahrar-sham”, “Jaish al-Islam” is the same overgrown “al-Qaeda (banned in Russia. – Approx. committed 15 years ago the terrible attacks in the United States,” – said Zakharov.

Last week the official representative of US state Department
John Kirby said that in the case of continued civil war in Syria the terrorists will strike on Russian cities, and Russia will continue to “send the military home in body bags,” “to waste resources and possibly aircraft.”

Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov saw the statement of Washington’s support of terrorism. The Ministry believes that the US is actually inviting terrorists to use weapons against Russia, said the diplomat. According to him, “sounded unacceptable threat, trying to put us in a position of self-justification, sounded ultimatums”. “The U.S. is, indeed, grist to the mill of the terrorists, giving them overt support. Otherwise we can not interpret these ill-concealed invitation to apply the “terrorist weapon” against Russia”, – said the Deputy head of the foreign Ministry.

Statement Kirby then commented and Maria Zakharova. “Do not you think that such ventriloquism about the “bodies in bags”, “terrorist attacks in Russian cities” and “loss of aircraft” is more like a command “bite” than review of a diplomat?” – wrote the employee of the Ministry on his page in Facebook. The defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, for his part, said that state Department statement, are a recognition of the fact that supposedly lead “civil war” in Syria “opposition” is controlled by the US a terrorist “international”.

According to the foreign Ministry, the building of the Russian Embassy in Damascus October 3, was subjected to mortar shelling from the territories controlled by “Jabhat Fatah al-sham”and “Falak ar-Rahman”. As noted in the Embassy, just by chance none of the employees of the Embassy were not injured. The diplomatic mission was damaged. Two mines exploded near the Embassy.

The foreign Ministry has provided a link between the shelling of the Russian Embassy in Damascus and threats of the US against Russia 06.10.2016

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