The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin did not rule out that against Russia will be introduced more stringent measures than the introduction of a visa regime. However, he said that you first need to study the consequences of such decisions, and then deal with the issue.

“The question is not whether a visa or visa-free. For example, I do not exclude that we will need even more hard events than the visa regime. The question is, what will we do, how it will affect our citizens in Russia,” Klimkin said (quoted by TASS).

However, he did not explain what exactly is meant by “hard events”. Last week he told journalists that the Ukrainian side is ready for the introduction of the visa process, but we need to examine all the risks.

In August Klimkin claimed that the Ukrainian party may raise the issue of introducing a visa regime with Russia, but if necessary.

“If we introduce visa regime that will allow it to more effectively filter the agents of the FSB and other Russian special services who will work with our tension? Single answer I do not see here,” said the Minister.

“Russia will immediately begin to use the introduction of visa regime by promoting in the media of cases where elderly people or children can’t see their relatives. It will be a spiral of propaganda, which will spin indefinitely,” the diplomat said.

He also answered the question of why keep diplomatic relations with Russia, “Here I am often asked: why? The main point of these diplomatic relations is that we can help the Ukrainians, which in Russia more than four millions.”

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine has threatened Russia with more stringent measures than the introduction of a visa regime 09.10.2016

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