The U.S. state Department re-launched the “broken record about the alleged harassment” of American diplomats in Russia in retaliation for its principled position of Russia in favor of a speedy restoration of peace in Syria. This opinion was expressed by Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. A day before Washington has accused Moscow of putting pressure on American diplomats in Russia.

“As we have repeatedly stated, such allegations have nothing to do with reality and, in fact, are an attempt to divert attention from their own nefarious actions of Washington, including against Russian citizens. Mean, in particular, continuing the practice of abduction of Russians by American intelligence agencies worldwide, egregious excuses for killers of adopted children from Russia”, – explained his position Ryabkov.

He stressed that the accusations against Moscow, Washington is trying “to camouflage active espionage under diplomatic cover”. For example, officers of the American military atasate that literally do not get out of trips to various Russian regions, where the annoying, spinning around the facilities of the armed forces, the diplomat added.

“We have to again mention the fact that against the background of these repeatedly replicated groundless complaints of the state Department on the situation around the Russian diplomats in the US is steadily complicated. Over the past two and a half years has increased considerably approaches to recruiting our employees, and us intelligence agencies are not averse to the unsightly methods of pressure, even threats to the health of family members” – continued the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs.

Ryabkov touched upon the information, previously voiced in the media about the fact that last year two American official, who arrived in St. Petersburg at an international conference on aspects of the fight against corruption, was poisoned during his stay in Russia. According to journalists, the incident occurred in November 2015.

“Back then, immediately responding to the relevant information of the U.S. Embassy, we asked to specify the claims, but received nothing, even the names of “victims”. The Russian side carried out the inspection revealed that in that time the Americans in the St. Petersburg medical institutions is not addressed. If they, contrary to expectation, was pretty rowdy in the hotel bar, you can not blame only yourself,” retorted Ryabkov.

On the eve of the official representative of US state Department called Elizabeth Trudeau unacceptable pressure on the American diplomats working in Russia. “We are concerned about our diplomats and consulates in the past two years,” she acknowledged during a regular briefing.

According to her, Washington has repeatedly expressed concern in this regard at a high level. In particular, said Trudeau, cases of “harassment and surveillance” for the U.S. Embassy staff “have increased significantly”. “This is unacceptable,” the diplomat said.

This summer, the American media wrote that the Russian intelligence and security services has for a long time persecuted and bullied American diplomats and staff of embassies not only in Moscow but also in other capitals of Eastern Europe. U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry because of the actions Russia has already had to ask Vladimir Putin to put an end to it and leave the diplomats alone.

According to American diplomats, employees of the Russian special services use different methods of pressure: chasing them on the way home, watching the members of their families, uninvited to social events and bribing journalists to write about them in a bad light.

The Washington Post, citing unnamed sources, wrote that at the meeting in Washington the meeting of us ambassadors to Russia and other European countries, several U.S. diplomats working in European countries, talked about the cases of penetration in their homes at night.

Later, the U.S. state Department commented on the publication, stating that the Russian service recently began to create more interference to professional activity of American diplomats, working in Russia. “Over the past two years, the scale of the oppression of our diplomatic personnel and the surveillance of him in Moscow on the part of security personnel and traffic police has increased significantly,” – said the official representative of Department Elizabeth Trudeau.

The foreign Ministry responded to Washington’s accusations of pressure on American diplomats in Russia 05.10.2016

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