The foreign Ministry warned about the final breakdown of relations with the West in case of sanctions for the bombing of Aleppo. On the consequences of the decisions of the United States told RIA “Novosti” Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

The White house spokesman Josh Ernest said that the United States to discuss with its European partners to counter Russia’s actions in Syria, including discussed and new sanctions. “What are allies – is the nature of the discussion with them. The impression is that there are no other issues besides facing the US administration, apparently, of the task completely destroy relations with Russia, then it took many years for them to recover anymore. She imagined any other purpose not intended,” said Ryabkov on it.

The diplomat added that the statements themselves were not a novelty. “I guess new is the intensity with which repeated the spell about sanctions. I’m ready to bet with anyone or to play in the tote, on a bet that every day they will continue the sanctions about to say. It turned into a daily ritual,” said Deputy foreign Minister.

He warned that Moscow will find a way to answer possible new sanctions by the United States so that the balance is not in favor of Washington. He noted that the sanctions are not legal legitimate tool “in the form in which they are practicing countries, it draws itself from the lights of democracy, supporters of international law.”

“Such accounting peculiar to our American colleagues when the penny back and forth on the accounts, and it seems like you have something to report to the authorities, that this calculation is doomed. Because we are in the case of expanding the us sanctions list under false and largely meaningless pretexts will find a way to respond so that a very different balance is formed – not in favor of the United States,” Ryabkov said.

Western countries accuse Moscow and Damascus to bombardment of civilians and positions of the armed opposition. Syria and Russia insist that strikes only against terrorists, and accusing the US of failing to affect the forces of “moderate opposition” to dissociate them from the radicals.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin did not comment on the possible introduction of EU sanctions against Russia over Syria, noting that it is necessary to await the final resolution of the leaders of the European summit.

The foreign Ministry warned about the final breakdown of relations with the West in case of sanctions the bombing of Aleppo 22.10.2016

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