Manhattan court in new York issued October 4, sentence a 64-year-old rear Admiral Jose Americo Bubo na Chouteau, who previously served as commander of the naval forces of the African state Guinea-Bissau. A retired soldier convicted in the organization of drug smuggling in the United States.

The judge Richard Berman and Jose Bubo na Chouteau will spend behind bars for four years. However, most of this period has already expired. And for the good conduct of the prisoner can be released from prison ahead of schedule, Reuters reports.

In court Jose Bubo-On-Chouteau expressed remorse.

Rear Admiral Bubo na Chouteau, became a drug Lord, came to the attention of American authorities in 2010. Two years later, the staff of Service on fight against drug trafficking (DEA) conducted a special operation against a major representative of the drug. Communication with Jose Bubo na Chouteau came the agents posing as Latin American drug traffickers. During 2012 and 2013, they held talks with rear Admiral, which was also attended by his confederates, but not before thousands of Yala and Papis jam.

The agents offered to transport from South America to Guinea-Bissau several tons of cocaine. And in the future a drug were to be sent in the United States. Transaction volume could reach a million dollars.

Rear Admiral assured his interlocutors that the political situation in the country favors the supply of cocaine: after the recent attempts of state coup , the government and security agencies were disorganized.

In April 2013, the parties agreed to meet on a luxury yacht off the coast of Guinea-Bissau. There is a counter-Admiral and his cronies were arrested.

In 2014, Papis jam was sentenced to 6.5 years of imprisonment, and Chami, Yala received five years in prison.

Add that to convict Jose Bubo na Chouteau participated in the war for the independence of the Portuguese colony of Guinea-Bissau, which was conducted in 1956-1973 years under the leadership of the Communists.

A country with a low level of economic development has become a major transit base of drug traffickers, who supply cocaine from South America to Europe and other regions.

The former commander of the Navy of Guinea-Bissau was sentenced to 4 years in prison for delivery of cocaine in the United States 05.10.2016

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