The investigative Committee of the Kursk region on Friday, October 7, was accused of slandering the judge, the former Deputy of the Kursk regional Duma and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “people’s journalist” Olga Lee, reported on the website of local control of SK.

According to investigators, the accused in a room for September-October 2015 the newspaper “people’s journalist” posted written on his behalf an article entitled “the involvement of the Prosecutor of the region Filimonov to criminal responsibility”, where he accused the judge of Lenin district court of Kursk Lyudmila Surowo a willful violation when considering the case on administrative violation of the fundamental principle of justice – presumption of innocence.

In the article, which is available on the website of the “people’s journalist”, Surovoy says: “the Former Prosecutor of Leninsky district court judge Shurov, which in the course of the hearing of the administrative case was screaming, rowdy, and pleaded guilty on behalf of my colleague before the familiarization with the case materials. About her may already be sick because of the age and nature of work, and the courts under its chairmanship, which are more like theater of the absurd, readers tell absolutely amazing stories. Second judge – Mr. Matushkin, we think, is not far removed from his colleagues, except that behaved in the bounds of decency”.

The judge turned to the Prosecutor’s office, and she directed materials to investigatory management for the decision about excitation of criminal case. “Currently, the preliminary investigation is over, soon the defendant and its defenders get acquainted with criminal case materials” – said in the message.

According to the lawyer Roman Lyzlov “OVD-info”, in relation to Whether the measure of restraint in the form of recognizance not to leave. The case was initiated under part 1 of article 298.1 of the criminal code (“Defamation against a judge in connection with proceedings before the court”).

At Olga Lee brought two criminal cases on charges of slander (article for 2015 in the newspaper “people’s journalist”, where the judge of Lenin district court of Kursk is accused of making a knowingly unjust decision), and then inciting hatred on the grounds of belonging to a social group of authorities, then the two cases are joined into one.

In October, the Investigative Committee closed a criminal case on charges of inciting hatred in connection with absence of structure of a crime. This conclusion is a consequence is made on the basis of examination results of her video.

Meanwhile, Olga Lee said he was not involved in the publication of the article in which, according to the investigators, contains slander. “I wonder why the investigative Committee said in his ruling that I published an article on his behalf, when the post is signed by the editorial staff of the newspaper. I did not participate in this publication,” said she , RIA “Novosti”.

According to her, editor of a room in which the material was published, there was another person as she was on leave to care for a child. Previously, Lee talked about his vacation the online edition of the Meduzaand the video explained that the claims relate to the views that she expressed not as an employee of the publication.

Lee also stressed that he plans to pursue his case in another region for greater objectivity and stated that the case has been ordered and is due to her video address to President Vladimir Putin.

The journalist in fact acted with criticism of Putin and became famous for his videos on the web, where in particular talked about the illegality of the annexation of Crimea to Russia “a criminal conspiracy against its own people” and “promoting violence” responding to state television.

Olga Lee has expressed the desire to become a Deputy of the state Duma, however, her relationship with the liberal media did not exist. From an interview she gave to the TV channel “Rain” in April, it became clear that the specific legislative intent at the Federal level it is not, and “the New newspaper” in the same month published a report from Kursk, which indicated that the newspaper Olga for any prints ordered materials, and she works closely with his former aide, lawyer edition Konstantin Berezin (by Sosonkina), previously convicted under the case of extortion and organized in Kursk hotel, worked as a brothel.

The former Deputy of the Kursk regional Duma Olga Lee was accused of slandering the judge 07.10.2016

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