Russia financed payment of pensions and salaries to public sector employees
the self-proclaimed republics in the East of Ukraine, said in an interview with Reuters , the former Chairman and former Secretary of the security Council of the Donetsk national Republic Alexander Khodakovsky. According to the Agency, it is contrary to the statements by Moscow that it could not force the militias to reach a peace agreement with Kiev.

Khodakovsky, who was fired as head in 2015, after
conflict with the leader of the separatists, gave the Agency an interview in Moscow
hotel and stated that Russia is funding the pensions and state
wage: “Yes, that’s the main areas. The budget sector and pensions
provided in a priority order,” he said.

“Without outside support, it is impossible to hold that territory, even if
you the most effective system of tax collection. The level of assistance from Russia
more than those amounts that we collect in the country”, – said
Khodakovsky. He added that the costs will only grow
as the capacity of regions to provide for themselves and reduced
the only solution for them is the complete separation from Ukraine and
the accession to Russia.

Press Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation stated that Federal
the budget does not provide payments for pensions and salaries in the Donbas,
however, according to the Agency, about a fifth of the budget
expenditures of the Russian Federation classified. The representative of the Ministry of Finance in the administration of the DNR
stated that funding sources are not disclosed for reasons of
security. In the LC does not respond to a request for comment.

The former head of the Donetsk special forces “alpha” Khodakovsky to Reuters
characterized as one of the most outspoken leaders of the separatists. In
July 2014, he said
in an interview that the separatists had anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”
like the one from which, according to the findings
the international investigation team, a rocket was fired that hit
the Malaysian Boeing. The film, however, did not say that the missile was
released, noting that this could only happen in the case of
provocations by the Ukrainian military. Subsequently, The Film
he held senior positions in the NPT, until he left due to disagreements with
its leader.

The population of Donetsk and Lugansk regions before the conflict amounted to 6,55
million people. According to published DNR data, in March 2015
the amount of pensions and social benefits in the region amounted to
about 750 million dollars. This figure does not include salary
cost to state employees and the cost of LC.

Approval on the financing of Donbass from the Russian budget are made on the background of reports of Deputy Prime Minister for social issues Olga Golodets about “sustainable growth of poverty” in Russia and reports on unpopular measures such as the suspension of indexation of pensions for working pensioners, which is planned by the Russian government.

Withdrawal of pension savings, due to which the budget for the third year
consecutive receives hundreds of billions of rubles, go
on plugging holes in the budget. The first portion of the frozen cumulative
funds for 2014 went including financing
annexed Crimea, the savings in 2015, went partly to
the anti-crisis plan. Almost half of the frozen in 2016 – 150
billion of 342 billion roubles – the government has decided to spend in support of
the indigent of the state Corporation “Vnesheconombank”.

The former head of the security Council DND said that Russia pays pensions and salaries to state employees in the Donbas 06.10.2016

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