The former mayor of Tomsk Alexander Makarov, in 2010, convicted to 12 years in prison on seven articles of the Criminal code and have achieved the right to parole, was released June 9 from prison in Irkutsk.

Coming out of the gate of the colony where his wife was waiting, Makarov told reporters that he plans to return to Tomsk and live a normal life, enjoying the simple human pleasures,” and politics is no longer going, reports “RIA Tomsk.

The day before the Irkutsk regional court upheld the decision of Kuibyshev district court of Irkutsk, satisfied the petition about UDO Makarov, and the appeal of the Prosecutor’s office on this verdict is considered unreasonable, reported on the website of the Commissioner for human rights in this region Valery Lukin.

The Ombudsman was concerned about the fate of the former Tomsk mayor after him in September 2015 have asked the relatives of Makarova. Shortly before the aforementioned court has satisfied the petition eks-the mayor of PAROLE. However later the public Prosecutor of the Irkutsk Prosecutor’s office for supervision over execution of laws in correctional institutions appealed the decision, and the district court denied Makarova in the UDO. Nine months later, after a complaint Makarova in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation, Makarov received the right to PAROLE, the report said.

“Lukin believes that only through unfounded appeals of the Prosecutor and not too careful consideration of the question at the Irkutsk regional court Alexander Makarov held in a penal colony for the past nine months,” – noted in a press release.

Case Makarova connected with politics: he criticized the ruling party and opposed the abolition of direct elections

A criminal case against Makarov was filed 6 Dec 2006, two days later it was taken into custody, and after three days was removed from the post of mayor. April 20, 2009 Makarov has been released on bail in four million rubles, but six months later the court again took him into custody.

Makarov was charged with several articles of the criminal code: “Abuse of official powers” (part 2 of. article 285), “Obtaining official of a bribe in the large size” (item “C” of part 4 St. 290), “Aiding in the Commission of fraud in especially large size” (part 5, article 33 and part 4 of article 159), “Extortion committed in order to obtain property in especially large size” (paragraph”b” of part 3 of article 163).

3 Nov 2010 a panel of jurors of the Tomsk regional court found Makarov guilty on seven episodes of the ten charges, two of which he deserves a break, and on two juries decided the guilt of ex-mayor unproven. 15 Nov Makarov was sentenced to 12 years in a strict regime colony. In October 2011, the Supreme court reduced the term to 11 years and eight months.

In November 2011, Makarov was transferred from the remand prison to the correctional colony N4 in Tomsk, and at the end of February 2012 was sent to the colony N3 in Irkutsk. Taking into account the period spent on remand during the investigation, Makarov was supposed to be released in may 2019.

Meanwhile, in March 2009 Makarov, who at that time already the third year was in jail, won a case against Russia in the European court of human rights. The Strasbourg court ordered Russia to pay the plaintiff eight thousand euros compensation for moral damages.

Some analysts have called the case politically motivated Makarov, as he repeatedly critically expressed to address of the party “United Russia”, was against the abolition of direct gubernatorial elections and prospects for the abolition of direct elections of mayors.

Makarov’s successor was given 4 years probation

I should add that Makarov’s successor on a post of the mayor of Tomsk Nikolay Nikolaychuk was at the end of last year, was sentenced to conditional imprisonment for four years also on charges of abuse of office. Also, the Soviet district court of Tomsk ruled to exact from him 4.7 million rubles.

According to investigators, Nikolaychuk allowed commercial organizations to carry out repairs on the Moscow road without bidding, which would ensure the implementation of a greater volume of work at a lower price. While the Contracting organization was headed by his friend.

As the investigators found, the repair was carried out without documents and controlling the amount and quality of work. Subsequently, the mayor instructed his subordinates to prepare a necessary package of documents, which the company has received more than 36 million rubles. The investigation considered the amount excessive.

Nikolaychuk after the verdict, announced its intention to appeal and seek a full acquittal. He was the head of Tomsk from 2009 to 2013, prior to that two years as acting mayor after the arrest of Makarova.

The former mayor of Tomsk Makarov was sentenced to 12 years penal colony, released on PAROLE 09.06.2016

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