Former Prime Minister of Iceland, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, the departed
resign because of scandal with “the Panama document”, was not kept on
Chairman of the Progressive party, ruling in coalition.
At the party Congress held on the eve, he was succeeded by
acting head of the government Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, according to Stundin.

Sigmundur, David received 329 votes, while Sigurdur Inga,
the former Minister of fisheries and agriculture, voted 370
the participants of the Congress, or 52.6 per cent. Three more votes were cast for Minister
foreign Affairs Lily Alfredston, and one ballot was blank and
invalid. Only in the vote was attended by 703 people.

“I accept the post with much gratitude and humility,” the
said Sigurdur Inga after it was declared elected.
Sigmundur, David hastily left the hall voting, ignoring the press.

This manner to go from where it is unpleasant, the former Prime Minister
famous throughout the world in April. The politician’s wife officially announced
that is the owner of an offshore company Wintris on 15 March,
a few days after the Swedish and Icelandic journalists
the members of ICIJ in an interview they began to ask him about this company.
The head of the government questions angered, he refused to answer them and
interview. He then admitted that they had made a serious mistake, not
doing so with reporters and apologized for his behavior.

The primaries passed with scandal: Sigmundur got a whole hour to his
speeches to the party, and Sigurdur was given only 15 minutes.

As reported TASS, several members of Congress took the rejection as a sign
protest against the results of voting, however, a serious split within the
the party in question. Most progressives believe that the former
the head of the Icelandic Cabinet have to take part in the elections and to fight
for a parliamentary seat, despite the fact that his reputation was
seriously tarnished. On Tuesday, Sigmundur David told the newspaper Morgunbladid,
he intends to continue political career and will lead
the office of the party in the North East constituency of Iceland.

The Congress was held on the eve of elections to the Parliament (Althingi), which
will be held on October 29. The latest public opinion poll
conducted by MMR in political
research suggests that in the early parliamentary
PP elections will receive only about 12% of the votes, and their ally in the coalition
Independence party – 21%. The leader of the polls for several months
is the Pirate party, after the elections of 2013 have received three
deputies in the 63-seat Althingi. According to MMR for it now
ready to vote 22% of Icelanders.

The former Prime Minister of Iceland was re-elected head of the Progressive party for “the Panama document” 04.10.2016

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