The founder of the beer brand Corona, the billionaire Antonino Fernandez left his entire fortune to the inhabitants of a small Spanish village in which he grew up, reports The Mirror.

Fernandez died in August this year at the age of 98 years. His condition at the time of death was estimated at 169 million pounds (13.5 billion rubles), which, according to the last will of the businessman, was divided among 80 villagers Cerezales-del-Condado (province of Leon) in Northern Spain.

Therefore, each resident got approximately two million pounds. After that, Cerezales del Condado became a village of millionaires.

Antonino fernández was born in Spain in 1917. He was the eleventh child in a family where all 13 children. At age 14, the boy was forced to leave school because his parents could not afford his training and needed his help in the fields.

In 1949, at the age of 32 years, Antonino fernández moved to Mexico, where he was invited uncle’s wife to work in the warehouse brewing company Grupo Modelo. In 1925 the company began to produce beer Corona.

In 1971, Fernandez became the CEO of Grupo Modelo and Corona made the brand one of the largest beer brands in the world, writes The Telegraph. Until 2005, the billionaire has remained Chairman of the Board of Grupo Modelo, and then handed over his functions to his nephew Carlos. For nearly 60 years Antonino Fernandez was married, but his children he was not.

The founder of the beer brand Corona after the death of the villagers made millionaires 25.11.2016

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