One of the founders of the movement “Intimidad”, the Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Sablin appealed to the Investigation Committee (IC) of the Russian Federation with a request to check facts of illegal receipt of funds by the Director of Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Roman Rubanov. The statement was sent to the head of SK Alexander Bastrykin.

In the letter Sablin led links appeared April 18 in the media information from which, in his opinion, it follows that in 2014-2015 the Director BCFs has received more than 25 million rubles on its own account “from unknown senders, to transfer money used schemes Cash-in and Recycling”, reports TASS.

The MP pointed out that on account Rubanova translated “money in rubles and in foreign currency, and in dollars and Euro have been pretty significant portion of the funds.” “And then he transferred money to associates blogger Alexei Navalny,” – said Sablin. Among the recipients of funds are called the supporters of opposition leader George alburi and Leonid Volkov.

“In connection with published in the media information I ask you to conduct the test referred to in the media of the facts of illegal receipt of funds Director of Fund of struggle against corruption and colleague Alexei Navalny Roman Rubanov,” asked Sablin to Bastrykin.

The Deputy of the state Duma also asked Bastrykin “to establish on what basis the Roman Rubanov received these funds and whether the taxes are paid with funds received by Rubanov and other fellow blogger Alexei Navalny.” In the case of confirmation of this information Sablin requests to check for violation of FCO provisions of the law on NGOs – “foreign agents”.

Earlier this week journalists Life announced the publication in the portal InfoTraderwhich specializiruetsya on the location of the hackers intercepted the correspondence of the leadership and activists of the Russian non-system opposition, “the next series of revelations,” which was directly tied to financial activities Rubanova.

The publication notes that the analysis posted by the hackers of the documents it became clear that 2014-2015 has received more than 25 million rubles from unknown individuals on a personal account Rubanova “Alfa-Bank” schemes Cash-in and Recycling. Then these funds were derived translations associates Bulk – specifically mentions Alborova, Volkov, Lyubov Sobol, Anna Veduta and others.

“Based on the fact that the accounts Rubanova “Alfa-Bank” have never publicly appeared, in the accounts of the FBC, they do not exist, and transfers them to employees and subordinates of the Director of the FBK and opposition journalists do not like spending on private consumption, it can be assumed that the accounts Rubanov, may have been the equivalent Bulk of a slush Fund used to Finance some sensitive projects and endeavors FBK”, – noted journalists.

That on account Rubanova in 2015, allegedly received about 20 million rubles, reported in the NTV program “Citizen Navralnogo” in January 2017. Founder FBK Alexei Navalny called this information “completely fabricated” and said that Rubanov will claim the recognition of these data untrue, reminiscent of jellyfish.

Earlier, on April 21, the Kremlin has denied the suggestion that the administration of the President of the Russian Federation may be involved in the emergence of videosthat compares opposition leader Alexei Navalny leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler.

Thus a press-the Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation has noticed that “the palette of opinions on this subject is quite extensive, there is a very justified point of view that you mentioned, citizens are able to stand behind the manufacture of these rollers, if you ask a primitive question, but for those who need it.”

Anonymous movie in which the Bulk is compared to Hitler and accused of hatred towards representatives of other nationalities, appeared online on April 19. Moreover, users of social networks say that the video is already shown as an advertisement before the films and TV series in the online cinemas.

The day before the TV channel “Rain” reported that the Kremlin has decided to launch a campaign to discredit Navalny and created for this special Department, relieving discrediting his videos, movies and video games. As explained by the TV channel one of the sources, with the Bulk of “fighting like with Hitler.”

The founder of the “Maidan” was asked to organize the test against the Director of FBK 21.04.2017

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