The head of the Russian Union of fans Alexander Spragin released after detention by the French police tonight about 23:00 took off from Paris to Moscow.

“Let me go, all right. Soon I will go to Paris, there will be flight. I get the second expulsion, with no case on me at the moment will not start, all right,” he told TASS.

The Consul General of Russia in Marseille Sergey Molchanov said that Russian fans to fly from Toulouse by Charter flight, sending it cooked in a normal mode – on Board no one was detained and not arrested.

Earlier, police said Spragin will leave the territory of France within the next hours after completing all formal procedures, reports “Interfax”.

In the Chapter EO was issued a prohibition to stay in France, which came into force on Monday, June 20. Spragin was previously arrested along with other supporters on June 14 and four days later deported from France, however he managed to come back.

Before the match the head of the VOB on his page on Twitter posted a photo where he’s standing in front of the stadium in Toulouse. The press attache of the Russian Embassy in Paris, Sergei Parinov said that after that Spriggina and detained: French police escorted him from the stadium during a football match. “To be in the game, had to do a bit of an unusual way under cover of night, and become a tourist for a time,” wrote fan.

Journalist Sergey Parkhomenko in his blog shared details of Spriggina return to France. “In court he said that he is expelled and not deported from France. The lawyers explained to him that this by itself would not mean a ban on entry into the Schengen area in the future,” explained Parkhomenko. According to him, the French authorities also had to cancel his current visa, but this was not done.

“Everyone (including the judge) came from the fact that the issue should be resolved automatically, because the guards have all the powers (this is the case, it is known that any visa can be cancelled just at the border crossing, at the discretion of the officer) And the question did not dare, because the guards just slept through Saturday and Sunday, we gave the computer the right notes,” wrote Parkhomenko.

“As a result Spragin arrived in Barcelona early morning flight on Monday, went over the border of the Schengen area, and arrived in France on the ground – most likely just on a rental car right in Toulouse”, he added.

“Unfolds a hell of a scandal, because even today the French government report on protecting the region from terrorism – Paderno Parkhomenko. – In addition, there’s a furious comment on how the Russian Consulate in Marseilles was crawling on his belly in front of Sprijinim, treating him like an important official. Spriggina is called “ultra-nationalist,” “extremist” and “agent”.

The French magazine Télérama in the article about Spriggina wrote that in March he met with the French Consul General mark Sedam in Moscow. “French diplomacy now feels uncomfortable. The report of the meeting published on the website of the French Embassy in Moscow on March 10 under the heading “Friendly and constructive meeting between the Consul General and the Association of Russian fans,” disappeared from the site. According to Google cache, the article was erased… on 13 June, two days after the match England-Russia”, – reported in the article, which quoted InoPressa.

“Why the head of a foreign Federation fans are known to love fighting, and neo-Nazi tendencies, had acquired the right to such attention?” – asking journalists Télérama. The official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of France Pierre-Henri Brande said: “the fact that Alexander Spragin has a scandalous reputation, of course, not escaped the attention of French law enforcement. But as President of the national Association of Russian fans he’s almost an official, legitimate and has the support of the football Federation of his country.”

Let us remind that earlier there was a version of some high-ranking officials in the government of Britain” on specially organized the riots with the participation of Russian fans. In their opinion, the actions of the fans is a continuation of the “hybrid war” of the Kremlin against the West, and Spriggina British journalists are considered closely associated with President Vladimir Putin.

The French authorities released the head of the Russian Union of fans, which caused “a hell of a scandal” 22.06.2016

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