A small medieval town in southern France called châteauneuf-du-Pape, famous for its vineyards, unusual extended prohibition relating to the movement of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). As transfers France Bleu, the mayor decided to uphold the ban imposed in the mid-twentieth century.

The current mayor Claude Avril said he was not going to cancel the decision of his longtime predecessor. “It (a ban. – Approx. NEWSru.com) a specific thing a little bit. It creates a harmless sensation and does not deceive anyone” he said.

A decree banning for flying saucers to saunter over the city, to sit in its territory or take off from it was introduced in 1954. At that time the subject of UFOs was extremely popular worldwide, so a transport prohibition for aliens caused a great resonance. In addition to this in the North of France, several people claimed to have seen strange creatures, similar to the “deep sea divers” coming out of “cigar-shaped” spacecraft.

The author of the ban, the mayor Lucien young issued the ruling: “Any aerial vehicle, identified as a flying saucer or flying cigar, which will land in the municipality will be immediately taken into custody, and drivers fined”.

As told by the son of the former mayor of Chateauneuf-du-Pope, such a ban has served the city in good stead, because in the absence of the Internet about it for a short time I learned the whole world: a lot of journalists have flocked to the city to interview and make a report. “At that time, people talked a lot about the aliens, they were in fashion, then told many different stories, told by the son of the mayor. He (his father. – Approx. NEWSru.com) wanted to do a little advertising for Chateauneuf. It was a great publicity stunt and, moreover, free.” In the end, the name Chateauneuf became known not only for its wine production. And even now upheld the ban produced a certain effect in the media.

The French town of Chateauneuf-du-Pape banned UFO 27.10.2016

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