A citizen of France, who wished to remain anonymous, filed a lawsuit after he was asked to redo the photo, which he brought for a new passport. Officials did not like what was on it he was smiling, and not photographed with a “neutral face”, reports
The Daily Mail.

To apply to the court of appeal of Paris, encouraged him “grim” rules apply. He said that they have become obsolete and are a danger to public morality.

In the petition, the Frenchman asks: “if Not irresponsible on the part of the authorities to blame the smiling depressive French in France?” Note that opinion polls regularly show that the French are the most pessimistic nation in the world.

A similar process two years ago lost a government employee. The administrative court of Paris rendered a decision: “the Subject must look into the camera lens. It must have a neutral facial expression and closed mouth. First and foremost, he should not smile.”

According to the lawyer of the present applicant, the decision did not have “no legal force”. “There is no written regulation on the prohibition of the smile in the photo is not” – he stressed. Recalling the image of the Mona Lisa, which is in the Louvre, bule stressed that similar way you can easily keep a neutral facial expression, but smile.

According to counsel, the verdict of the court can change the opinion of France abroad. However, the representative of the French interior Ministry believes that smile is in any case is not a sign of neutrality.

The Frenchman will sue the authorities because of the “smile ban” the photo in the passport 29.09.2016

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