In St. Petersburg, the FSB and the Investigative Committee conducted searches and seizure of documents in city Committee on transport in the framework of the criminal case on violations in the construction of the lobby of the metro station “Admiralty”, news Agency TASS and “Interfax” with reference to its sources. In managements of FSB and SK not comment.

In 2015 against the head of the Metropolitan of St. Petersburg Vladimir Garyugin a criminal case was initiated under part 2 of article 201 of the criminal code (“Abuse of authority”). According to investigators, in 2012, the head of the sue “Petersburg metro” Gaugin and other persons whose names are not called, used their powers for personal gain at the conclusion of the investment contract on the construction of the complex land lobby of metro station “Admiralteyskaya”. The city budget suffered damages of at least 466 million rubles.

As reported by “Rosbalt”the lawyer Garegina Vladimir Lvov October 11, said that the raids is an attempt to put pressure on the Committee to get testimony against his ward. “The purpose of these searches is to change the position of the Committee on transport, which denies any abuse in the case of the construction of the “Admiralty,” said the lawyer.

The case was initiated on the materials received from the audit chamber of St. Petersburg, which revealed financial irregularities in the construction and operation of the St. Petersburg underground in the amount of 9.23 billion and a host of other violations.

As reported, the subway attracted for construction of ground lobbies of a number of metro stations by private investors, including the holding “adamant” and ZAO “Advisor”, included in holding “Petromir”. Those, in turn, erected above the stations shopping centers, without making any deductions in the city budget for the land, found KSP.

The total area of constructed buildings holdings is 126,3 thousand square meters. Of these, only 5.5%, or 7.4 thousand square meters, was transferred to the city. The total damage to the city budget the chamber has estimated 9.23 billion roubles that almost reaches highlighted in the St. Petersburg metro in 2015 subsidies from the city Treasury to 9.7 billion rubles.

Then, Gaugin, whose interest the auditors found in hundreds of transactions, said: “We do not know what we officially accused”. However, he did not rule out that the reports of KSP is wrong and they will all be challenged.

Later it became known that the KSP of Petersburg revealed financial irregularities in the audit of the Committee on development of transport infrastructure and its state public institution “Directorate of transport construction” and the state unitary enterprise “Mostotrest” for 2011-2013.

Among other things, the auditors found that the Committee of management of city property illegally gave Sue a number of areas without the right documents, and of the underground exploited without putting on balance. In addition, according to the chamber, the low efficiency of usage of state property and implementation in individual cases of inefficient spending has affected the substantial growth of budget subsidies in the period from 2007 to 2014, they grew by 24%, to 8.4 billion rubles.

In July 2015, the government of St. Petersburg withdrew a civil claim worth more than 466 million rubles to the head of the Metropolitan Gaugino, arguing that violations on his part was not. In 2016, the arbitration court dismissed the claim of the sue “Petersburg metro” challenging the order of the PSC of the need for reimbursement 466 million. In August, the company “Advisor”, involved in the construction of the station hall, appealed against the decision of the court.

The FSB and the UK came to search the Committee on transport of St. Petersburg 12.10.2016

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